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Guiding your employees back from lockdown


29 May 2020

How can you help your employees navigate in the uncertainties related to coming back after lockdown?

Stepping back into the office after spending close to two months in lockdown may give flashbacks to some of the thoughts that went through your head on your very first day of work.

Even though we are returning to the same organisation we left two months ago, a lot has changed while the COVID-19 pandemic has held most organisations in a nation-wide lockdown. This gives rise to a lot of uncertainties, and many of us are preoccupied by concerns about how to greet each other, where to sit in the canteen, and who we will be working with if the pandemic has also resulted in the need to restructure. In other words, the things we used to take for granted are no longer so sure.

These uncertainties can be distracting and makes it hard for the individual employee to focus on performing their job effectively – but it is also a critical moment for organisations to make a positive impact on the employee.

In this webinar, Implement and Appical will explore how organisations can guide their employees through the uncertainties related to the immediate period after returning from lockdown.

Aspired learning impact

This short session will give you:

  • Insights into some of the key risks and opportunities that organisations need to address when reboarding their employees after the lockdown brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Suggestions for concrete ways for organisations to mitigate the risks and make the most of the opportunities of the COVID-19 pandemic when guiding their employees through the reboarding phase. We base these suggestions on insights from our well-proven approach to onboarding and behavioural design.


  • We will use Zoom* for the session.
  • Please make sure the Zoom application is installed and running on your computer at least 10 min. before start
  • It may be a good idea to restart your computer before entering the meeting
  • Find a quiet area where you can sit
  • Grab a pair of headphones in order to avoid echo, and check your audio and microphone is working
  • Join us online at the link you receive in the registration email 

Practical information


The event is hosted online.

A link will be sent before the webinar starts.

29 May 2020
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Maria Ingemann Knudsen
Deadline for sign up

Please sign up no later than 29 May 2020, 09:00 (CEST).