Procurement Strategy & Transformation

Procurement is at the core of every business. Managing spend and suppliers strategically in close integration with the business can deliver tremendous benefits to a company’s performance and competitiveness.

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Over the years, Implement has been at the forefront of getting procurement organisations well-positioned at the executive level, delivering value beyond savings.

We help CPOs set game-changing agendas for their companies

Our team has successfully performed a broad range of procurement transformation projects and delivered substantial and measurable impact – beyond pure savings.

We are committed to driving best value procurement through improved supplier relations, discovery of supplier capabilities, trust building and close involvement of key strategic suppliers. In our experience, this can move procurement to a higher value-adding level and generate substantial benefits and game-changers for the company’s way of doing business through improved innovation, speed, reliability, flexibility, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and risk control.

We also utilise specific and proven principles to drive continuous cost-out by increasing spend control and spend under management (contract coverage, contract savings and contract utilisation levers) which in combination directly improve a private company’s EBITDA or a public organisation’s budget.

Our procurement services include:

  • Maturity and opportunity assessment
  • End-to-end procurement transformation programme
  • Procurement strategy and governance
  • Procurement leadership and CPO advisory
  • Capability and competency development
  • Spend and category analytics
  • Category management and strategic sourcing (incl. EU tendering for public clients)
  • Supplier relations and partnering
  • Negotiating excellence
  • Project procurement
  • Purchase-to-pay (P2P) optimisation
  • Contract management
  • Supply risk management
  • KPIs and performance management
  • Procurement data and IT enablement