Podcast series

The human firewall

In The Human Firewall, we talk to the leading experts in behavioral design, psychology, innovative learning methods and technology to find the key to ensure organizations' compliance and cybersecurity through their employees.

Luca Dellanna: Chaos and complexity in risk management

This episode is about preventing bad stuff from hitting us hard – everything from pandemics to data leaks and cyberattacks - and how understanding terms like ergodicity and antifragility is crucial to do so in the chaotic and complex modern world in the 21st Century.

Josefine Ehlers Davidsen: Psychology and cybersecurity

This episode delves into how you can utilize insights from psychology to bolster your organization against cyberthreats.  

Mikkel Holm Sørensen: Data, ethics, and behavior

The episode explores how we can utilize behavioral design and data to enable more ethical behavior within organisations.


Rory Sutherland: Can advertising make compliance great again?

This episode takes a deep dive into how you can use ideas and tools from advertising and the creative industry to make compliance great again.


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Andra Popa: Design and art in compliance

The episode explores how you can create better compliance by being humble, interdisciplinary, and creative.

Nick Gallo: Compliance 3.0

This episode is about how to make compliance a central part of a healthy company culture. Nick Gallo calls this Compliance 3.0.


Rob Alvarez: Gamification, learning, and habits

This episode is about how to make training and education more fun, engaging, and effective by adding elements from games (i.e. gamification).


Laura Lyngaard Nielsen: Anthropology and digital security (DANISH ONLY)

This episode explores how you can utilise an anthropological approach to building a bridge between experts and non-experts to create better security in IOT solutions.

Christian Hunt: Behavioral design in compliance (ENGLISH INTERVIEW STARTS AT 06:36)

This episode is about why compliance has such a bad reputation, and how we can change that with simple tools from behavioral design.