Event in Zurich

Gamification and leadership experience

- playing your way to success

This event will be bilingual, keynote speeches held in English and break out sessions both in English and German. Looking forward to seeing you there!

22 January 2019

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Can applying game elements and principles to organisational change, leadership, training and work life help us to change in a way that is swift, fun and rewarding?

The need to learn fast, change fast, become more creative and be an inspiring leader is stronger than ever before. A gigantic challenge that, associated with the high complexity and lack of people’s engagement, causes way too many change projects to fail.

One of the most powerful drivers of engagement is intrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation happens when you do something simply because you like it and not because you are forced to do it or because you are bribed with rewards. By leveraging on intrinsic motivation, we could definitely increase the chances of success of our projects – but how?

The power of gamification

Games like football, Candy Crush, Pokémon GO, Monopoly and chess are so widespread and popular because they trigger intrinsic motivation. That is why people of all ages can be absorbed in game activities for hours – even days.

Imagine the impact it would create if this motivational power could be transferred from something we most often experience in our free time into being an integrated part of our professional lives.

Practice has shown that gamification can definitely help create such an impact, since it boosts:
  • Motivation: Games ensure that we are more receptive and willing to engage in the activities.
  • Learning: Games engage and accommodate many learning styles. They allow us to try, fail and retry. The hands-on experience that playing facilitates is 70% more effective than traditional classroom-style training.
  • Building of relations: Games and play connect us because we see each other in new situations. This is especially important in a time where the need for speed and agility has made collaboration across the organisation more important than ever.
  • Creativity: Games nurture a creative and agile mindset. The interactivity and ever-changing environment of a game forces us to think innovatively and to share our knowledge, expertise and experience, making the group as a whole smarter, resulting in greater solutions and ideas.
  • Performance: Games awaken our winner instincts, sharpen our focus and absorb us in a way that is much more conductive for performance than traditional presentations.
  • Energy: Games are fun and create a positive experience that helps us recharge our energy levels, renew our mental power, concentration and, consequently, our productivity.

Leadership experience through gamification

In today’s fast-changing business environment, leaders must reflect and adapt their leadership style to market requirements on an ongoing basis. Games can offer a fun and safe environment to simulate certain leadership challenges, practice various leadership approaches and prototype new leadership behaviour.
Our experience shows that engagement and performance levels in leadership significantly increase after a gamified leadership meeting. Furthermore, leaders will be enabled to use these new tools of gamification with their teams and even make it part of daily business operations.

By joining our event, you will:
  • Learn about the benefits of using gamification as a leader and how to get it integrated into your initiatives (e.g. ERP implementations, process changes, organisational restructuring, leadership development etc.).
  • Learn about the dos and don’ts of using gamification.
  • Experience concrete examples of games used in real projects.
  • Network with like-minded people.



Coffee and networking


Welcome and introduction


The power of gamification (interactive session)


Gamification at work

How can they be used to help our business?


Different games for different organisational challenges:

Process Explorer

Client keynote – Michael Caflisch, Director Program Management, Oetiker Group


Different games for different leadership challenges:

The 24-Hour Leadership Experience

Client keynote – Prisca Hafner, Chief Human Resources Officer, Comet Group




Game Lab (two rounds)

  • Actee Change Game – a learning simulator about leading complex change processes in organisations
  • The Meeting Design Game – an innovative way to design and plan outstanding meetings
  • The Brain Game – an interactive way to learn how we learn
  • The Process Explorer – a board game to teach people how they are supposed to work differently after the implementation of new processes or systems
  • Hitting the sweet spot of Customer Centricity – the Game: a board game designed to facilitate the sharing of knowledge on the question "how do we bring operational efficiency and customer experience together?"
  • The 24-Hour Leadership Experience – an interactive way to practice leadership capabilities in a peer group and provide real-time feedback to each other

Things to consider

when bringing gamification to your business


Wrap-up and reflections


Apéro Riche and networking

Practical information


Gießerei Oerlikon,
Birchstraße 108,
8050 Zurich,


Free of charge

22 January 2019
1:30 PM - 5:30 PM
Reka Deak