4,000 weeks of experience

As individuals, we have the power to shape this life through our actions and decisions. Whether we realise it or not, every choice we make has the potential to impact the trajectory of our lives and the lives of those around us. For the better. Or for worse. 

Taking the conscious step to become the person you would like to be, and who the world needs you to be, requires deep self-awareness, courage and empathy. That we make the right choices, from the right place. 

The purpose of this 4-day programme is to facilitate profound self reflection and growth, empowering you to unlock your full potential, live a more fulfilling life and help you become the leader the world needs you to be.

The frame

Location: The Scottish Highlands

Date: 26 - 29 August 2024

Investment: 11.800 EUR (ex. VAT and plane tickets. Everything else is included)

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Requirements: You can sign up as an individual or with peers. The program accommodates both. Leadership experience is a prerequisite. We expect you to be physically willing to spend time outside and traverse for around 5-8 km in hilly terrain.

Explore and expand – as a pioneer

You will spend the program navigating unchartered territories in outer as well as your inner nature. You will address inner obstacles, expand self-awareness and cultivate essential skills and qualities for personal and professional success. Setting an inspiring example for others to follow. 

You will depart the program with a renewed sense of purpose, having connected with the power of nature and your own inner wisdom – taking you to the next level as a professional and as a person. As a true pioneer, capable of leading with vision, courage, empathy and commitment to positive change for yourself, others and the world.

The journey is based on five core elements that together form the transformative journey.

Nature. Insight. Silence. Limits. Stories.

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The programme

Day 1: acknowledge

Accept your current state and story

Day 2: discover

Recognise your potential
Day 3: integrate

See your limiting beliefs and liberating truths

Day 4: begin

Make a choice and create your strategy

Your pre-arrival destination

When you arrive at the forward base, you will have your first exploration opportunity and accelerated onboarding. You must find your own way to base camp.

Ownership of your own progression has begun.
Energy is the foundation

We are energy. During the morning, we will explore how to utilise this knowledge and potential to create an even more positive impact on our own lives and the lives of those around us. You will also experience a profound state change, enabling you to see yourself and your situation in a whole new light.
Our driving forces

If not identified, we cascade our fears and unsupportive patterns onto the world around us. Here you will explore fears and current limiting beliefs related to yourself, relationships and the world.

Your insights are translated into a challenge that you will have to overcome and a personal aspiration for the day to come.

Your return and reconnection

After your solitary immersion mission, you will return to a beautiful base camp with all your new insights and reflections.

Local onboarding

Upon arrival at base camp, we will facilitate a shared and refined process to ensure grounding and connection to people and the programme.
Your calling

In preparation for a small mission, you will have an opportunity to explore what the future is calling for you to create. Why are you here? What is your unique gift? What is your contribution? And what do you feel called to do?
Your inner preparation

Here you will prime your inner operating system for the upcoming challenge through insights into different techniques, tips and tricks to cope with your mind, emotions and physical energy.

Face your blockers, identify your derailers and your liberating truths.
Reflection circle III: My convergence

Here we will all have an opportunity to reconnect within the community.

You will meet with your reflection circle to share and build on your new insights and desired opportunities to pursue.
Your first leap

As a way of accelerating your personal exploration, you will be given the opportunity to take a significant step out of what you believe to be your current comfort zone. You will get a clearer idea of where you are compared to where you might think you are.
From mind to body

Here you will embark on a small shared “mountain” mission designed for you to experiment with the embodied experience of your old story vs. your calling.
Your outer preparation

You prepare and pack for the more technical dimension of your upcoming challenge.
Your journey begins

Certainty leads to action. Uncertainty leads to no action. With your insights in mind, you will have the opportunity to create a strategy with newfound energy and excitement. Here you identify daily practices to support you when you return to everyday life.
Reflection circle I: My story

We meet up in smaller reflection circles and end the day by sharing personal stories that crystalise and acknowledge our current state and life situation.
Reflection circle II: My compelling future

We meet again in the reflection circles to share and co-build on our insights and reflections as a collective.
Your immersion

You will embark on a solo mission of reflective solitude for a duration based on your own previous choice of options.

The mission will include an overnight stay.
Your final boost of joy, energy and excitement

A deep embodiment exercise to align and fuel your strategy with energy. We close with a mutual recognition of your journey.

Your contribution

3 coaching sessions with one of our Pioneer coaches

To establish rapport, crystalize your current state and to ignite and mature personal insights and reflections for a more intense and transformative experience.

Your personal narrative

Before we meet, we ask you to reflect on your story. What events and experiences made you the person and the leader you are today and why?

Heart rate monitor

We will also ask you to wear a heart rate monitor for three days before the programme, tracking your heart rate variability.

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