Performing tech due diligence

Enable post-deal value by understanding the state of technology

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Esben Kristensen Lønborg

In an M&A process, it is important to understand the current state of technology to determine investment needs and risks and to identify key improvement levers for increased post-deal value.

Our scope when we do IT due diligence is to assess and evaluate the most fundamental aspects of IT in the target company.

We base our IT due diligence method on a proven framework that simplifies the often time-constrained due diligence process. It starts with articulation of a number of critical IT hypotheses to drive the analysis.

Often, the analysis includes considerations about the following areas:

  • IT business alignment, including IT strategy, governance and project portfolio
  • Benchmark of IT spend and performance
  • The health of the infrastructure, application portfolio and technology roadmap
  • Identification of key risks, including security incidents, performance issues, resource constraints and legacy systems
  • Master data management and quality
Strong and fast growing track record

Since 2016, we have conducted +15 IT Due Diligence projects for Private Equity companies and thereby helped them gain valuable insights about target companies' technology capabilities, opportunities and risks.

What should be the focus of IT? You could innovate new products and services, Improve customer experience or optimise operations. What's your winning aspiration?