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The ability to plan, lead and execute transformations has never been more important than it is today.

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Jesper Runge Pedersen

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“Change alone is eternal”, stated the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer at the beginning of the 19th century. These words are more relevant than ever with the pace and magnitude of change having increased exponentially through the succeeding two centuries.

At Implement Consulting Group, we help organisations transform in several ways.

Transforming organisations

We are specialised in designing, facilitating and executing major, complex organisational transformations from early discussions to the new organisation is up and running.

Designing organisations for the future

We design agile organisations by increasing strategic sensibility, ensuring a high level of resource fluidity and leadership unity to realise the strategic intent of the organisation.

Transforming HR

We review, align, optimise and build people strategies and HR operating models that realise the needs and intent of an organisation’s strategic and people objectives.

Enabling employee experience

We apply design thinking and new ways of working to enable organisations to design and build an organisational, technological and cultural environment that not only attracts and retains critical talent, but also releases the full individual and collective potential of the workplace.

Digitising HR

We believe that technology is an integral part of managing and developing organisations. Whether within sourcing and implementing large-scale HR information systems or prototyping customised solutions, we are here to help you.