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If you want people to follow you, you need to address them as real persons. Why must they change their behavior and what do they stand to gain? At Implement we help you answer these questions.

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Change communication – the missing link between management and employees

Studies show that over 50 per cent of all failing change efforts are due to poorly managed communication. In our experience, a fundamental reason for this depressing number is the failure to bridge the mental gap between management who push the change and the employees who are asked to adapt to a new strategy, IT system or a new organisational structure.

What seems obvious and exciting to management will often be perceived with scepticism and resistance by the employees who are asked to step out of their comfort zone and change their work routines.

What is missing is a clear link between the strategic rationale behind the change and the personal motivators of the employees. We help your organisation identify and articulate the common purpose behind the change and translate it into something that feels relevant for the people involved.

Our three key principles to bridge the gap between employees and management
  • Purpose – Articulate the common purpose by bridging the strategic rationale with the personal motivators of the employees. Make it relevant for those who must do things differently tomorrow than what they do today.
  • Language – Kill management lingo and create content that is simple, visual and emotional. Events, core story movies, strategy tagline, newsletters, graphic identity and posters are some of the formats we employ.
  • Ownership – Co-create the change and involve stakeholders through workshops. For changes to be successful, it requires vocal and engaged ambassadors who take ownership for the change.


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