Order-to-cash transformation done right

Early-stage order-to-cash transformation – building the business case

With Knauf Insulation

9 December 2020

Learn how to design and drive an end-to-end transformation of your order-to-cash process to improve customer satisfaction and internal efficiency with real-life cases from Knauf Insulation.

How to improve customer satisfaction and internal efficiency through order-to-cash transformation

In a volatile business landscape where conditions and customer demands are constantly changing, companies need to design a well-oiled delivery model that supports the customer journey from start to finish. To do so, companies need to structure their order-to-cash process in a connected and integrated fashion to allow for easy collaboration across functions such as Sales, Operations and Finance.

Improving the customer experience

In truth, your customers do not care about your internal processes. But they do care about the experience and ease of doing business with you as a company. To ensure an optimal customer experience, companies need to be aware of how the order-to-cash process affects key customer touchpoints from sales and order entry to order delivery and invoicing.

Transforming the order-to-cash process enables an understanding of key customer touchpoints, what matters most to different customer segments and how internal collaboration across departments and teams is important to ensure customer satisfaction.

Breaking down silos

Companies often experience a disconnect between the commercial organisation, production units and the Finance department in the order-to-cash process.

Classic order-to-cash issues include:

  • Improper master data entry upstream leading to production issues or incorrect invoicing downstream.
  • Misalignment of capacity planning leading to inefficient pricing and production bottlenecks.
  • Lack of trust in systems and data flow leading to costly and inefficient manual controls.

Transforming the order-to-cash process can create a more resilient supply chain with a competitive edge by breaking down organisational silos and establishing an end-to-end understanding of the value chain.

Furthermore, by removing process waste and redundancies, an order-to-cash transformation generates efficiencies and can act as a catalyst for improving an organisation’s competitive advantage.

Programme for the first event

Early-stage order-to-cash transformation – building the business case

With Knauf Insulation  




Keynote 1: The potential impact of order-to-cash transformation

By Nicolai Worziger, Implement Consulting Group


Keynote 2: Building an order-to-cash business case

By Valeriu Popovici, Knauf Insulation



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The event is hosted online.

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When (CET)
9 December 2020
8:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Nicolai Steen Worziger

The event is free of charge


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