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Virtual selling

– Lessons learnt over the past six months

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8 September 2020

How can you integrate learnings and experiences from the initial six months of virtual selling so you can drive impact in your sales organisation and thrive in the new digital landscape?

In the face of COVID-19, sales organisations underwent a radical transformation, converting physical interactions into virtual meetings. Looking into the future, virtual sales is moving from a necessity to a competitive edge, as it enables more frequent and high-quality touchpoints, lower cost-of-sales and an increased focus on customer value. A carefully designed virtual sales engine where sales reps understand the technology, plan for the right types of meeting, bring in the relevant expertise and engage in value-centred conversations will completely change how customers experience virtual touchpoints.

In this bite-sized webinar, we’ll be sharing six months of learnings and experiences of large-scale virtual selling from various organisations, including survey results from 300 businesses who have participated in our sales training, to help you get started with your own virtual selling journey.

Aspired learning impact

This short session will give you:

  • An overview of learnings from various organisations about their first six months of virtual selling
  • An understanding of the kind of impact you can create through virtual sales
  • Insights into the building blocks of a successful sales transformation from a face-to-face paradigm to a more virtually supported business model

When using the learnings, you will be able to:

  • Plan and discuss the impact you need in your organisation right now
  • Design your own virtual sales transformation journey


  • We will use Zoom* for the session.
  • Please make sure the Zoom application is installed and running on your computer at least 10 min. before start
  • It may be a good idea to restart your computer before entering the meeting
  • Find a quiet area where you can sit
  • Grab a pair of headphones in order to avoid echo, and check your audio and microphone is working
  • Join us online at the link you receive in the registration email 

Practical information


The event is hosted online.

A link will be sent before the webinar starts.

When (CEST)
8 September 2020
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

* During our virtual events there will be no sharing of confidential or business critical information that leaves any organisation open to risk. Please follow your company’s guidelines on the use of approved IT platforms. As an ISAE 3000 certified organisation, Implement is committed to upholding the highest standards of IT security.