Proud? Yes.Excited? You bet.

A massive thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s Vault rankings, which places us as the highest ranked Nordic consultancy.


For Implement, creating real change with our clients always comes first. But being a place for great people to do their best work comes a close second. That’s why we are extremely humbled to once again be among the top 25 consulting companies to work for in Europe, in this year’s Vault rankings, published 26 September 2018.

We came out top for job satisfaction and scored a top 3 position in 11 of Vault’s 19 parameters, including leadership, culture and vision, giving us a highly respectable 8th place ranking overall.

Recognising the efforts of many

Huge credit goes to our awesome HR team who ensure we successfully onboard an increasing number of new colleagues every month. Last year more than 200 people joined us, which only proves the high levels of energy, skill and effort demanded of everybody in HR to make this happen.

But our thanks extend to everyone in our organisation, from Hellerup, Aarhus and Malmö to Stockholm, Oslo, Zurich and Munich – and the unique culture we are able to create and nurture together every day.

Over 250 Implement consultants participated in Vault’s survey, with their own experiences of working here being compared with that of employees of consulting companies throughout Europe.

In their report, Vault describes us as “a brilliant community of enthusiastic employees who have cultivated their interests and become experts in their fields” and that we are “best suited for the open-minded and intellectually curious, those with the passion and drive to chart their own path while contributing to the culture of the firm, and the impact to clients.”

Lovely words indeed. And on that note, we’ll leave you with some highlights from the anonymous responses from our colleagues.

What our colleagues say

“Create true impact by living out your passions! Choose your own leader, choose your own projects, your working hours, etc. I believe this is what makes Implement unique in the industry and creates a very strong culture among members.”

“We have an appreciative, respectful, and trusting culture. We allow people to think for themselves and take personal responsibility for their work life. We trust that people will work hard if they are given the best circumstances to do so.”

“Implement is a self-governing organisation that sets the individual free in very powerful ways. Everywhere you go, there are people working to build true capabilities that will improve the world, at least a little bit. Having this energy enhancing environment makes me very comfortable about Implement's business outlook.”

"The interview process is, for the industry, very much focused on who you are as a person, how you would contribute to the culture, and why being part of Implement makes perfect sense to you. Then, of course, you need to meet a certain standard of academic achievements and work experience."

2019 Vault Consulting 25 Europe