And the winner is...Half Double

The Half Double methodology wins innovation award


In 2015 we embarked on a journey: to solve the project crisis. A recent study had revealed that only 30% of all projects realised their goal, or could be considered a success. So, together with The Danish Industry Foundation, we gathered the best project brains we knew and set about designing a methodology that would deliver greater success.

The result, Half Double, has proven to increase project success rate to over 70%. And this week, our methodology won the coveted Hamdan Bin Mohammed Award for the most Innovative Idea in Project Management.

Following in the footsteps of UNICEF

Half Double beat more than one thousand applicants representing 40 countries to the award of most Innovative Idea in Project Management. And in doing so, Half Double follows in the footsteps of 2017 winner, UNICEF.

“It’s our hope that the award will spread the word about Half Double globally and help put focus on the value of impact, flow and leadership – and ultimately reverse the frighteningly low success rate of projects in all organisations,” says Niels Ahrengot from Implement Consulting Group – one of the organisations behind the concept.

A co-created methodology

One of the methodology’s founding mothers, Christina Sejr Pedersen, travelled to Dubai to attend the award ceremony and be inspired by the many international participants.

But the journey started three years ago, when The Danish Industry Foundation and Implement Consulting Group invited high caliber project managers, project directors and portfolio managers to share their experiences executing projects and co-create a new methodology. Based on three core elements – impact, flow and leadership – the Half Double methodology has now more than 1,800 followers, 250 certified practitioners and over 50 projects completed successfully.

The Hamdan Bin Mohammed Award for Innovation in Project Management

Launched in 2015 by the Crown Prince of Dubai, the award celebrates innovation culture in projects and provides an international hub for innovators, professionals & corporations to share and adopt best project practices and execution excellence.

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