ASCO Award 2019

Hänseler AG and Implement Consulting Group


We congratulate Hänseler AG on taking home second place at the ASCO Awards 2019 for “Best Business Transformation”

A humble market leader

Hänseler AG is a successful medium-sized Swiss manufacturer and distributor of pharmaceutical products with around 140 employees.

Together with Implement Consulting Group, they implemented the award-winning operational excellence programme "Känguru" (Kangaroo), which influences all areas of the business (production, marketing/sales, quality management, finance, administration).

"Känguru" – a leap ahead together

Early on, the team behind the "Känguru" programme – Operational Excellence by Hänseler Swiss Pharma – succeeded in meeting customer requirements and significantly improving order flow and employee satisfaction.

The pioneer phase involved fundamentally optimising the production of a leading product through Kaizen sprints and altering leadership behaviour (huddle meetings). In the subsequent roll-out, the trained internal lean team succeeded in transferring the results from the pioneer phase to 15 teams and to expanding and consolidating the results across several product and order optimisations.

Results that are apparent to all

The impressive results are underlined by the following parameters:

  1. Additional deliveries reduced by more than half, with just under 10% higher delivery reliability
  2. Annual six-figure savings achieved (by reducing overtime and temporary staff)
  3. > 100 improvements suggested and implemented directly by employees

Healthy growth through a fruitful partnership

Dominik Hauser, CEO: Jointly developed improvements are established faster and on a more sustainable basis within the company.

Mischa Fuhrer, CFO: Changes are increasingly initiated, implemented and thereby also supported by employees. Mistakes are discussed more openly and sustainable solutions are sought out.

Tobias Aeschlimann, Head of IT: The pragmatic and playful manner in which Implement gave us a better understanding of the tools for successful lean management was impressive.

Results for the employees of Hänseler AG were visible very quickly.

Thomas Weibel, Head of AVOR: I’m convinced by the approach of training the company’s own employees across functions to become lean specialists.

It means we’re ultimately also in the position to achieve sustainable and promising implementation.