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Are you an IT manager with a great interest in business applications and ERP? Then join our exclusive network targeting CIOs and managers in large and medium-sized companies in Denmark working with business applications and related strategic aspects.

We are seeing a strong trend towards composable IT architecture with more interconnected software components, custom interfaces and shared data. But such a shift has significant implications for the IT organisation, people skills and processes, and the transition is hard.

There is a lot of interest in this topic, which is why we have launched our network to address the need to share experiences, considerations, concerns and much more. We strive to be a relatively intimate network.

Join us and gain the benefits

Being part of this network is a great opportunity to meet with peers on a regular basis to discuss relevant contemporary topics in this domain.

It also allows you to develop a personal network and gain insights and inspiration from others.


  • Three physical meetings annually. The meetings will be held from 15:30 to 18:00 on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday followed by dinner.
  • In addition to the physical meetings, four to six online sessions/meetings will be held annually. The topics are determined based on your interests.
  • Participation is optional and free of charge.

Joining the network

To join the network, please contact Christian Elgaard or Klaus Stange.


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Wrap-up and info about the next meeting


Dinner (every other meeting)




Introduction to the company and the ERP department


Introduction to the topic of the meeting and questions for discussion


Implement’s viewpoint on the topic