Manufacturing and Distribution Footprint

The right supply chain network is the foundation of a sustainable business capable of delivering the right goods and services at the right cost.

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Johannes Juel Skibsted

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Global organisations utilise their footprint to support growth and drive revenue by tailoring services to customer needs. On the other hand, redesigning the footprint is also one of the most important business areas to optimise to unlock a significant EBIT potential.

Your supply chain is most likely the biggest opportunity you have

We believe that being ready for the future will require a faster, more agile and cheaper supply chain, both having a fine-tuned production apparatus producing high-quality goods with short lead times at the right cost and having the right distribution footprint that is able to service ever-demanding customers with short lead times.

Looking at the last 2 years, we have conducted 30+ footprint redesigns

  • We have a well-proven project methodology typically conducting the design phase within 12 weeks.
  • We always co-develop the footprint design together with our clients.
  • We utilise state-of-the-art optimisation software such as anyLogistix.
  • We challenge the operating model, ensuring that we not only create incremental change but radical and innovative supply chains.