Mastery through nerdery

We define consulting as, in essence, helping. That’s what we do. We’re in the business of helping. And we count ourselves extraordinarily fortunate to work with major organisations, helping them solve their most critical challenges.

This calls for extreme subject matter expertise. Which in turn calls for dedication and mastery. To strive to be the best at something. To be a thought leader or an unparalleled practitioner. To let your brilliance shine.

And to make that happen, you should immerse yourself in your interests, let your curiosity drive you, and never, ever stop.

Implement University

Every year, we take three days out of our calendar to get to grips with a single theme and intensively explore various facets of that theme.

Of course, it’s impossible to get really good at something in just three days. But what Implement University is about is starting a learning journey that can continue the rest of the year and beyond. Provoking, inspiring and beginning. Where it takes you is up to you.

Previous themes have included “the personal change journey”, “playing to win” with Roger Martin and “touchpoints” with Mette Nørgaard. In 2018, the theme was “storytelling”. Through a combination of keynotes and group work, we dispelled the myths, uncovered the simple truths and unleashed the power of compelling stories. And, like most years, we camped in teepees.

2019 saw us dive into what it means to “lead and be led”. This is a theme that is redefining leadership and management right now: knowing when (and how) to take the lead in certain situations, and when (and how) to be led by others. Safe experimental environments were created for us to throw ourselves into the subject, and we even tried out improvisational theater.

Check out the Implement University video below.