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We’re looking for students and graduates to join our journey

Our journey started over 20 years ago...

...with a dream of helping people and organisations tackle their most worthwhile problems. A dream of turning plans and ambitions into reality. By bringing mastery and deep functional expertise into play in a way that creates real engagement and impact.

With project activity all over the world, we now have 1,000+ colleagues making up teams based in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Malmo, Gothenburg, Stockholm, Oslo, Munich, Hamburg, Zurich and Raleigh NC.

To get a feel of what it’s like to work here, why not check out Rolf’s first 3½ years with us.

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At Implement, you’ll find few rules and guidelines, and that’s on purpose. We aim to create the perfect playground for talent to flourish. We all enjoy a great deal of autonomy that enable us to work the ways that best suit us, our teams and our projects.

Right now we’re looking for students and graduates to join our journey. To bring your energy, engagement and curiosity and co-create sustainable impact together with experienced colleagues and our clients.

How to apply

To apply, please do the following steps:

  • Choose an area of expertise that you think is most relevant for your personal and professional ambitions for the next couple of years and complete the fields.
  • Upload your updated CV
  • Attach your university transcripts, including specific courses and grades from both your bachelor and master's degree.
  • We also would like you to introduce yourself and detail your areas of expertise and experience in a motivation letter that you can attach in the ‘additional attachments’ field.

Our works spans five key areas:

Strategy and transformation

Making and implementing strategic choices with lasting commercial impact.

Through a blend of analysis, facilitation and testing, we help some of the world’s most ambitious organisations with transformational growth, strategy development, implementation, mergers and acquisitions, digital strategy and organisational design.

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Operations and efficiency

Finding efficiencies in processes and optimising operational setup. 

We help businesses unlock growth, lower costs and unleash the full potential of strategies within manufacturing footprint, maintenance, supply chain, automation, net working capital, process optimisation, failure demand or service delivery. 

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Digital and IT

Optimising the digital infrastructure and capitalising on digital opportunities.

Using Lean IT principles, we assist with system sourcing, system procurement and IT management to create a digital infrastructure that is flexible, in line with strategy and evolves with or defines the future of the business.

We are not currently looking for graduates for this area.

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Growth and innovation

Developing speed and entrepreneurship in all parts of the organisation.

We help businesses create systemic growth by becoming more agile and innovative, enabling them to test hypotheses, refine them and take them to market – fast – through Half Double, a proven project management methodology.

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Leadership and change

Making change stick by optimising organisational cultures to be ready for change.

We help businesses get ready for change and develop the leaders of tomorrow by focussing on business-specific processes, optimising team performance and taking a human-centric approach to accelerated change.

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Want to meet Implement?

Implement University

Continuous opportunities to develop

We want to give every employee in Implement the opportunity to develop into the best consultant with both deep functional and transformational expertise.

Therefore, we have created Implement University, a collection of ambitious journeys to help everyone – at every level – learn, develop and become their very best consultant selves.

At the University, you will meet our partners and leading consultants as trainers, thereby ensuring that experience, knowledge and expertise are shared and passed on throughout the entire organisation.

Visit Implement University