Design your

own career

There’s no set of defined ingredients for success

How you progress at Implement and what level you reach for, is for you to decide. Often in combination with your leader, who is chosen by you, and who is there to guide you to become everything you aim to be.

One myth we feel needs busting is that there’s a certain way to look and behave if you’re consultant. At Implement, there isn’t. There’s no set of defined ingredients, no recipe for success. We just want you to be able to bring the whole of you to work, which means you as a person, not as a CV or list of qualifications.

Your edge. Your expertise. Your authenticity. In short, the best possible version of everything that makes you you.

We asked a few colleagues what that actually means for them and how they have crafted their own career path.

Kitesurfing fuels my career

Jacob Peterson, working with leadership and organisational development

“I’ve worked at Implement since 2012, and once a year, I travel for 1-2 months to pursue my greatest passion, wave kitesurfing.”

“I cannot imagine a better place than Implement to combine my need for a highly dynamic workplace and freedom and flexibility in life. You get the opportunity to pursue your passions in both your professional and private life. For all of this to work, you have to do even more of what you already do: be proactive, communicate closely with your team and take responsibility for providing value with clients. The only challenge is that nobody seems to have done this before. However, in my experience, it’s almost like leaving work on a Friday and coming back on the following Monday.”

“I need kitesurfing to stay hungry in all other domains of life. A proven way of fuelling the passion for one’s professional career is to let other passions flourish alongside it. Taking time off to do something else, get new influences and create new experiences means that I return to work with renewed energy and hunger. And that’s historically when I’ve actually managed to succeed with my biggest professional achievements!”

“Since my family and I tend to kitesurf in Cape Town, South Africa – which is in the same time zone as Scandinavia – it’s very easy to work offsite and keep client discussions alive. To make this work I either take responsibility for having invoiceable projects during summer, so that I can take holiday at another time of the year or I take a leave of absence.

“All in all, I get to combine my passion for learning and my need for action at Implement – both in client engagements and when I’m off recharging on the waves.”


Finding the balance between consultant life and family life

Louise Tornøe Johnsen, working with process transformation

“I’ve been at Implement for five years now, and when I started, I was open about my busy family life – at the time, a one-year-old, a large house and a husband with a very demanding job. I loved my job and being part of Implement, and I was able to combine my consulting schedule with my family commitments. But when child number two came along, finding the balance between my family life with my work life became difficult. So, I made a deal with my focus contract leader. I work on reduced invoicing targets with 80% salary and 80% targets. It means that I can piece together my working week in a way that suits me. Sometimes, that means one day off a week, but mostly, it means that I have flexible workdays. I feel best when I’m not locked into my calendar from morning till night and having flexible working days means I can spend time gardening or with the kids. Plus, this arrangement gives me so more energy when I’m at work and more freedom.”


I wanted to press pause and do something completely different

Michael Leck, working with operations strategy

“Working at Implement for 18 years, I’ve seen the company grow from just 25 employees to over 800 today, and I’ve always found it to be a flexible place. The freedom to do something different, if you so wish, has always been there. After a decade at Implement, I spent a year and a half away, combining globetrotting with an MBA in International Management. I sold my car and my apartment, as well as my shares in the company, and I reduced my monthly salary significantly. I think it’s challenging but also healthy to do something completely different for a longer or shorter period in your life. I wanted to do something so I would be stimulated in a completely different way than in a ‘normal Implement year’. Of course, there is a consequence of making the choice I did, but it gives so much more on the other end.”

“I was very open and honest about what I wanted, when I approached Niels Ahrengot with my idea. I didn’t want to leave Implement – I just wanted to press pause and have the option of experiencing something else for a while. We agreed that I could still support the company from a distance and make use of my MBA in conceptual development areas. In that way, I could build a bridge between Implement and my time on the outside. And we found a model that was fair for all parties.”

“Professionally, this experience has given me invaluable insights, particularly through experiencing the American educational system. It was inspiring to draft solutions and cases with global leaders in the field and see top professors teach in a way that’s so different to what I was used to. And at the same time, it was incredible to get the confirmation that the thoughts and methods at Implement are very special. It’s only when you see it from the outside that you really begin to understand the power of the Implement mindset.”