Appreciation and autonomy

We want to help people and organisations solve their most critical business challenges to create real, lasting change. Turn grand ideas into concrete realities. Turn thoughts and plans into something authentic and tangible.

We want to bring an appreciative and positive energy into an often all too serious, problem-oriented business world. Seeing the positive in situations creates engagement, trust and confidence, because we know it will take us so much further than stating the obvious in the negative.

Implement is built on always putting people before structure, and the level of autonomy is higher than in most other organisations. Initiative and individual accomplishments are rewarded – although always with a deep mutual respect and a sense of common responsibility.

We believe that bringing together autonomy, a drive to collaborate and a feeling of duty to something bigger than ourselves creates exactly that environment of trust and engagement which truly enables us to help people and organisations solve their most critical business challenges. To create real, lasting change. To turn grand ideas into concrete realities. To turn thoughts and plans into something authentic and tangible.

Communities of passion

For us, deep functional expertise is key to creating real change and real impact. The framework for your expertise is up to you. You build your community around your passion and expertise. Our communities of passion are autonomous entities of subject matter experts striving to pool their knowledge and resources across functions and borders to co-creatively solve challenges and create real change.

We believe leadership is an activity not a rank

To inspire our leaders, we ask the talents that they lead what they need to grow, develop and fulfill their potential.

A strategy in constant evolution

Ever since the beginnings of Implement, when we were just a handful of people, our strategy has been something that we constantly grow and develop.

We see strategy as a creative and innovative process. A process that everyone can contribute to. That’s why we take four days out of our calendars and usual settings every year for the Strategy Tour, an annual event where each and every Implementer has the chance to co-create our corporate strategy. Because we believe that leveraging the wisdom of the entire organisation and sourcing ideas from all ages, levels and backgrounds is the best way to create a sustainable strategy fit for humans and fit for the future.