Investment governance

Danish energy group

A new structure for investment governance ensured empowerment and ownership in the group and organisation.


December 2017



Following a restructuring of the group, a new structure for investment governance was needed in order to find the right balance between empowerment and ownership throughout the group, the individual subsidiaries, business units and functions.

Implement Consulting Group was chosen to assist with this in terms of design of investment governance both at high level and in details.


Implement Consulting Group assisted in designing new investment governance focusing on:

  • Framework – e.g. legislation and ownership structure
  • Finance structure and ROI requirements
  • Plans and strategies for the group, business areas and individual subsidiaries
  • Approval bodies and levels
  • Processes for investments – e.g. business cases, project management and post-investment follow-up.

A successful solution design was reached by collaborating with key people in the group finance function as well as adapting best practices matched to the situation of the company.



The project contributed to designing new investment governance empowering the organisation and at the same time ensuring transparency in respect of approval bodies and levels.

This project ensured:

  • Improved transparency of approval bodies and levels
  • Streamlined the investment approval process
  • Increased empowerment and ownership throughout the organisation.