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Fit for humans and fit for the future

Five tools to boost innovation, impact and profitability in your organisation

Join Pioneers Consulting and Implement Consulting Group for an inspirational afternoon where we will dive into five tools that you can apply in your organisation to boost innovation, impact and profitability: 

  1. Half Double: The award-winning project management methodology
  2. How to build a business in 90 days
  3. Inspiration from the Nordics for the Saudi public sector
  4. Using change communication in strategic transformations
  5. How to succeed with digital transformation

A unique partnership

Pioneers Consulting & Training and Implement Consulting Group have formed a strategic alliance and are already helping private and public clients in Saudi Arabia turn strategic plans into action through a Nordic and collaborative approach to consulting with local business culture adapted to the context of the kingdom. 

Short descriptions of the five sessions

The descriptions below is an extract of the full programme description.

You can download the full programme description here. 

Half Double – A project methodology that creates impact from the very beginning with double the success rate 

The Half Double approach is a human-centred project management methodology that has been tested and proven to radically improve project success rates because it works with human nature instead of against it.In 2018, it received the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Award for Innovation in Project Management in the United Arab Emirates.

How can Saudi public organisations be inspired by the Nordic countries?

How can the public sector close the gap between strategy, policy and regulation and real change? This is still the key challenge for public sector organisation around the world. Get insight into how to succeed in creating value and real results.

How to succeed with digital transformation

Digitalisation is no longer just buzz but a reality that all organisations need to adapt to and decide how to approach. But how do you tap into the endless opportunities of digitalisation and capitalise positively on the technology-driven transformation that is currently changing your industry?

Build a business in 90 days

Implement has developed a methodology that allows you to build a new business model or service in just 90 days. Join us and learn more about how you apply the methodology.

Why change communication is key to successful implementation

Applying change communication to your project means involving the organisation in co-developing the narrative around the project. This helps build trust and engagement throughout the implementation and ensures that the voice of the many is heard and incorporated as the change is rolled out.  



Lunch buffet at the The Ritz-Carlton.



Michael Schack Balle Jensen, Counsellor/Deputy Head of Mission, Royal Danish Embassy, Riyadh


Pioneers and Implement: A new approach to consulting

Faisal Al Amro, CEO, Pioneers Consulting & Training, and Niels Ahrengot, CEO, Implement Consulting Group, Martin Lyngaa Simonsen, Implement Consulting Group


Half Double: A new approach to project management

The award-winning Half Double methodology

Niels Ahrengot, CEO, Implement Consulting Group




Inspirational session 1

How can Saudi public organisations be inspired by the Nordic countries?

By Michael Daugbjerg, Implement Consulting Group


Inspirational session 2

How to succeed with digital transformation

By Nicolai Friis Touborg, Implement Consulting Group


Prayer break


Inspirational session 3

How to build a business in 90 days

By Martin Lyngaa Simonsen, Implement Consulting Group



Inspirational session 4

Why change communication is vital to successful implementation

By Monique Maree Benigna, Implement Consulting Group


Closing and next steps

Faisal Al Amro, CEO, Pioneers Consulting & Training


Networking, round-table discussions and refreshments

Practical information


The Ritz-Carlton (Auditorium)
AlHada Area, Mekkah Road
Riyadh, 11493 Saudi Arabia

25 February 2020
1:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Nicolai Friis Touborg

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Free of charge.

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About the organisers

Pioneers Consulting & Training

Pioneers Consulting & Training is a key regional player in management consulting and training services in Saudi Arabia, bridging the gap between best practice and theory of management and its actual implementation.

Implement Consulting Group

Global souls with Nordic roots, headquartered in Copenhagen with offices in Stockholm, Malmo, Oslo, Zurich and Munich. Implement has over 900 employees, multinational clients and worldwide projects. Implement helps organisations implement strategic transformations through a combination of deep subject matter expertise and the ability to plan and facilitate change in a close collaboration between Implement’s consultants and the client’s organisation.