Industry 4.0

Digitalisation of value chains with focus on bringing innovation back to the shop floor.

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Digital transformation of operations

We believe that I4.0 is not a finite system or thing – it is a natural evolution using technology to add intelligence to all existing assets of our current manufacturing/supply system. The main intention of the exercise is to drive efficiency, flexibility and lower operating expenses throughout production.

Many companies tend to focus on technology first, forgetting to anchor it in the real issues and linking it to the actual problems on the shop floor. This strategy of “going full gadgets” is tempting, but it rarely creates any real impact.

Our approach to I4.0 aims to tackle this challenge and is quite simple: think big, start small and scale fast. Based on fast prototyping of ideas in order to create impact fast.

Think BIG – where it is shown what I4.0 is and what it is not, demonstrate technologies, create a gap from current to future state and set the success criteria for such a project. Examples can be: Software robotics, AI, automation of manufacturing processes with co-bots, scheduling and planning in real time, predictive maintenance and fully automated material handling.

Start small – focussing on the most critical parts of your factory training and testing technologies – fast prototyping. Here the important thing is to bring the mentioned technologies to test in real production, bringing people along, bridging the capabilities necessary for success and showing the impact case (e.g. lead time reduction, quality improvement, lower cost base). 

Scale FAST solutions to other areas. This ensures the sustainability of the solution but also increases the impact on the bottom line. And finally it is important to scale the solutions to other areas in the factories or across factories, leveraging in the technology but most important in the capabilities that are created in house.