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We constantly strive to create the best place for the best people! First of all, that calls for a culture and work environment where every individual can bring their whole self to work. Secondly, we want to give every employee in Implement the opportunity to develop into the best consultant with both deep functional and transformational expertise.

The mix of functional and transformational expertise is the DNA of what we call collaborative consulting - an ever-evolving approach that calls for an ambitious and bold learning framework targeting all our consultants at all levels all year round.

With Implement University, we have created a bold learning framework for every employee to continuously develop transformational expertise and generic consultant competencies.

The learning journeys

We have created several an ambitious journeys to help every consultant become their best in terms of giving advice, facilitating change management processes while delivering world-class subject matter and industry ­expertise.

Our ambition is that everyone – at every level – learn, develop and become their very best consultant selves.

We believe that if we want to be the best place for the best people, you must be trained and shaped by the best! At Implement University we offer our own partners and leading consultants as trainers, thereby ensuring that experience, knowledge and expertise are shared and passed on throughout the entire organisation.

Customised learning opportunities

The learning journeys, masterclasses and tool training are customised to individual needs to ensure relevant opportunities throughout the entire career at Implement.

During the training, one will meet a carefully selected team of our very best and most skilled subject matter experts and trainers.

Want to join Implement?

Implement University is built on four guiding principles that support your individual development needs as a consultant, ensure proven transformational competencies among all of us and stimulate a learning environment and culture.

Customised learning opportunities

The learning journeys, masterclasses and tool training are customised to individual needs as a consultant to ensure relevant opportunities throughout your careers at Implement.

The focus contract dialogue

The focus contract dialogue defines the learning and development focus as well as the concrete selection of learning journeys for the coming years.

Our learning approach

Implement University supports our learning culture through an integrated learning approach using our own challenges and cases in the training.

Ensuring learning that lasts

The training at Implement University is designed to encourage a growth mindset and ensure learning that lasts.

Talk to the dean

Want to know more about Implement University, our learning journeys or the opportunities to develop as a consultant in a fast growing organisation with the least amount of rules and high amount of personal freedom?

Write an email to our dean, Louisa Menne Brøndsted and she'll get back to you!

Louisa Menne Brøndsted
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