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Implement OPEX 2020

Time: 9:00 - 11:30 (CEST)

1 October 2020

For the successful operations of any organisation, the ability and agility to react, adapt and transform have never been more necessary than they are today.

Likewise, the challenges facing operations executives have never been as complex and critical as they are right now.

  • How can we build resilience and the ability to react with speed into operations while minimising cost?
  • How can we adapt to and mitigate risk today while safeguarding the competitiveness of our organisations tomorrow?
  • How can we balance short and mid-term decision-making while enabling our operations to transform to be fit for the future?

While managing these dilemmas, some organisations are also beginning to find their own answers to potentially even greater questions, like how can we prepare our people for the imminent digital revolution?

And what skills and competences will we need in the future as our supply chains, manufacturing processes and distribution set-ups continue to transform?

Get insights and ideas to help make your operations fit for today and the future

At Implement OPEX 2020 we will explore how global organisations such as IKEA, Maersk and the Dow have strengthened their operational performance through transformation, digitalisation and sustainability.

We will be joined by TED talk speaker, Financial Times journalist and BBC podcast host Tim Harford who will challenge our thinking and help equip us to react, adapt and transform to ensure our operations are not just fit for today but also truly fit for our people and our future.

Read more about the speakers below.  

Be inspired. Share your perspectives. Get ideas and insights that can drive your operational excellence beyond tomorrow.

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The event will be hosted virtually. You will receive a link prior to the event.

When (CEST)
1 October 2020
9:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Mikkel Rand Hinrichsen

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The event is free of charge.

Guest speakers

Transformational excellence with Keith Svendsen, Maersk

How can large operational transformations stand the test of time and positively impact performance, cost saving and work culture?

Keith Svendsen, Chief Operating Officer at APM Terminals and former VP of Operational Execution at Maersk Line

Keith will illustrate how APM Terminals (a subsidiary of Maersk) transformed their operations execution to become fit for the future while also achieving substantial cost savings. Based on 30 years of experience in shipping, business transformation and supply chain management, Keith will share insights on how to ensure large operational transformations can remain future proof.

Digitalisation with Peter Marshall, Dow

How can digitalisation enhance customer experience, improve employee satisfaction and deliver bottom-line results?

Peter Marshall, Supply Chain Director, Dow

With 35+ years of experience in chemical engineering, manufacturing and supply chain management, Peter understands first-hand that while digitalisation offers exciting possibilities to improve supply chain performance, it is a challenging transformation, especially for established companies in the manufacturing sector. He will be discussing how organisations can find their way on the digital journey by focusing on the human factor as new technology is deployed.

Sustainability with Sheva Rostam, IKEA

How can you get started with concrete climate actions and drive the adoption of sustainable business practices across the entire organisation?

Sheva Rostam, Project Leader, Climate Positive Strategic Initiative, IKEA

With a strong background in energy, sustainability and management, Sheva knows how to strategically develop and drive climate agendas and integrate sustainability into processes for entire value-chains and global organisations. She will be sharing insights into IKEA’s work towards becoming climate positive by 2030 and what you can do today to start reducing emissions in your supply chain.

React, adapt, transform with Tim Harford

Best-selling author and Financial Times journalist Tim Harford will take centre stage to discuss the art of adapting to change in organisations, explain how the potential of new technology can be misunderstood and predict future developments that your organisation may come to face. For Tim, understanding the potential (and disappointment) of emerging technology starts with reflecting on the demographic, economic and psychological factors at play throughout our history.

As an author of several economics books, including Messy: The Power of Disorder to Transform Our Lives and The Undercover Economist, and presenter of BBC Radio 4’s More or Less, Tim tells fascinating stories of inventions, ideas and innovations that have influenced our global economy and helped create the world we know today.

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