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Christian Frantz Hansen
Nicolai Steen Worziger

Why is there a need for a business finance academy?

The way we run businesses is changing and so is the role of business finance.

The traditional realm of the finance function is rapidly being eroded by outsourcing or automation of processes that can be standardised, coupled with ever-increasing uncertainty and overall organisational change.

Most modern finance functions have already initiated one or more of the following:

  • Offshoring of finance tasks, e.g. establishment of shared service centres in low-cost environments.
  • Outsourcing of finance tasks, e.g. subcontractors providing services related to treasury, expense management, payroll, general bookkeeping etc.
  • Automation of finance tasks, e.g. RPA and AI solutions minimising the need for human involvement in traditional finance activities.

Often, such changes in finance functions are a response to overall business processes being reshaped according to new and more agile ways of working demanded by the competitive environment, technological advancements and other external factors.

When transactional processes are offshored, outsourced or automated, and change is becoming an organisational constant leading to ever-changing business needs across the company’s value chain – then what is the role of modern finance professionals?

We believe that finance professionals should refine their understanding of business finance and embark on a journey to move from business score-keepers to organisational change agents and choice facilitators.

This means improving tools and mindset by practising skills and competences that will allow you to fully leverage finance’s unique position in the organisation to support and challenge the business, ultimately delivering superior overall business performance.

However, whole-heartedly moving from score-keeper to business partner requires a learning environment that brings you out of your comfort zone and forces you to see your role as a finance professional in a new light – a way for finance professionals to improve both tools and mindset while exploring and prototyping new ways of working.

This is what the Implement Business Finance Academy is all about.

How do we transform business finance?

The role is changing, and we need to focus on building new business finance capabilities.

To fast-track the development of business finance capabilities, the Implement Business Finance Academy utilises best practices related to blended and accelerated learning.

Furthermore, at the academy we aim to train you for transformation by taking you on a highly interactive and challenging personal learning journey.

Implement Business Finance Academy is a holistic, hands-on and most fun programme that enables me to drive impact and change in my everyday work.

Nicolas Jonard, Finance Partner

Key features of the Implement Business Finance Academy include:
  • Modular training spread over eight months with varying but interrelated topics, ongoing assignments and coaching.
  • Cross-organisational knowledge sharing related to key learnings and experience based on business finance successes and failures.
  • Competence development with the aim of impacting tools and mindset through highly interactive and hands-on sessions in stimulating
  • Boot camp approach bringing finance business partners from peer group companies together at off-site location.
  • Preparational e-learning modules to introduce key concepts and learning objectives before each face-to-face training session.
  • Three class sessions for the leaders of the Implement Business Finance Academy participants to ensure their understanding, support and commitment to the learning journey of the participants.

What is the learning journey for participants?

As a participant, you will get the chance to experiment and learn in collaboration with peers in an engaging and fun environment.

Implement Business Finance Academy is structured around six training sessions infused with exercises building on the participants’ own situation and experience.

  • Classes include 12-18 participants from 6-9 companies.
  • Instructors include senior partners with extensive subject matter expertise in their respective fields.

The academy is designed to provide proper time for learning, reflection and experience from deployment of acquired insights, tools and techniques.

  • Learning activities are spread over eight months with ongoing training and coaching sessions among peers from different companies.
  • Learning targets are continuously evaluated and adjusted to your individual need as a participant.

The academy requires strong commitment from all participants and their leaders by establishing a clear focus contract founded on:

  • A joint understanding of the importance of creating a working environment that allows sustainable impact through finance business partnering.
  • Lasting commitment to the development of business finance competences in your organisation.

Implement Business Finance Academy 2020

Below you can see the sessions of the year for Implement Business Finance Academy 2020.

Implement Business Finance Academy - sessions of the year


For more information, please contact Christian Frantz Hansen: +45 3085 8090, or Nicolai Steen Worziger: +45 5159 3913,