Implement Business Finance Academy

Improve performance in the finance function and enhance the employees’ capabilities and skills.

December 2017



The way we run businesses is changing and so is the role of business finance, from reactive bookkeeping to playing an important role in driving value creation in collaboration with the business. Whilst reorganisation and a reshaping of finance competences have taken place, the following challenges remain evident:

  • Globalisation and functional expertise embedded in the value chain are taking place and in particular for Business Finance which plays a key role in ensuring impact across the value chain
  • Transactional accounting is being outsourced, and data and reporting are moving away from the central head office functions and closer to execution in the business units
  • Organisational capabilities providing for efficient strategic execution, agility and navigation on disturbances are key development areas for organisations
  • Accelerated digitalisation provides new standards for business intelligence requirements and performance management
  • Substantial focus on value chain optimisation, value creation and cost optimisation
This called for a programme design that enabled: 
  • Transformation of finance business partnering into a true value contributor to the business
  • Leaders and finance business partners to develop the relevant skills and capabilities, which enhances the role of finance business partnering
  • A strengthening of the business acumen and strategic capabilities, consulting and relationship management skills
  • A personal development through a focused learning journey


Implement Consulting Group designed a modular training programme focusing on the soft and interpersonal skills required to succeed as a business partner:

  • The programme design was a full-year programme based on six modules, four core business finance modules and two boot camps with focus on “real-life” application of learnings
  • Aligned leadership and business partnering training in order to ensure implementation of core principles and the learning journey
  • Cross-company interactions and learning environment across five companies (Novozymes, Leo Pharma, ISS Global, Dong and Copenhagen Airports

The module design and facilitation were performed in collaboration with Implement’s subject matter experts and supported by preparation, coaching and home assignments for maximum impact. 


The academy involved real company cases and a presentation of the solution in front of senior management executives from the company providing the examination case.

The academy approach ensured:
  • High ratings from participants: 4.8
  • A change and learning journey instigated in co-operation with managers
  • Skill sets (facilitation, change management, problem-solving, design thinking, relationship management, full engagement) have been applied, and proven results achieved

The programme has become an integral part of the companies’ Business Finance Development programme and an important pillar in the finance strategies.