Event in Copenhagen

Implement Alumni Friday Bar

Exclusively for current and former Implement employees

14 September 2018

We would love to see as many current and former Implement employees to a Friday Bar dedicated to the iconic stories of the past.

Change has always been an essential part of the Implement DNA. Not only do we help our clients create Change with Impact, we – Implement as a company and the people forming it – also change. And, of course, so do you.

Wouldn’t it be interesting and inspiring for all of us to catch up and share what has happened since we last met? And wouldn’t it be a lot of fun to take a trip down memory lane and recall all the iconic stories from the glorious strategy tours, universities and Christmas parties of the past in the company of fantastic former colleagues and the odd ones who are still clinging on.

Iconic stories, familiar faces, music, drinks and snacks

At least, that’s what we think. This is why we would love to see as many current and former Implement employees as possible at our Friday Bar in September where we will host an informal gathering with a few items on the agenda, and – to compensate for that – a lot of familiar faces, music, drinks and snacks.

What our last Friday bar looked like

Implement Consulting Group,
Strandvejen 54,
2900 Hellerup,

14 September 2018
4:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Free of charge.

The event is exclusively for current and former Implement employees.