Event in Malmo

How digital B2B marketing sells

Build relationships and engage customers before you ever meet them


28 November 2019

How can you turn your digital channel into a lead generator? How can you succeed with B2B digital marketing?

It’s not easy succeeding with B2B digital marketing. The field of digital marketing is littered with buzzwords and ill-understood technologies. Consequently, it can be challenging to derive value from it.

We want to change this, and we will start the journey at this event, where you will receive a toolbox to help you succeed with digital B2B marketing and get inspired by a real-life case.

The core themes of the day will be lead generation and nurturing, lead scoring, B2B digital channels, orchestrated digital marketing plays and how to align top and bottom-of-the-funnel metrics.

The potential of early customer engagement

In most cases, B2B sales is very relationship driven. Consequently, many B2B companies devote very little energy to digital marketing. But what if the consequence of this is that you do not even get the chance to build a relationship with a potential customer?

Research shows that the buying process of customers is already 57% complete by the time they reach out to sales reps. By engaging your customers with a pain/gain-driven content, you expose the customer to your offerings early in the buying journey and create a relationship with a potential customer.

B2B customers are present online:
  • 74% of B2B buyers research at least half of their work purchases online.
  • 62% of buyers say they can develop selection criteria or finalise a vendor list based solely on digital content.

Sharpen your value proposition with digital marketing

By being present digitally with the right content, in the right formats and in the right channels, you might be attracting a lot of potential customers. However, to succeed with this, a digital marketing model is key.

Currently, there is a divide between sales and marketing that hinders most companies from creating a digital marketing model that generates value. By bringing sales and marketing together throughout the buying journey, a compelling customer experience can be created. As an example, insights generated from the digital marketing can be applied in the sales pitch to increase the hit rate.

Successful B2B digital marketing strategy results can help you:
  • Attract more leads
  • Qualify leads = higher sales efficiency
  • “Warm leads up” to increase meeting conversion rates
  • Grow share of wallet/deal size through continuous value proposition exposure



Doors open, light breakfast, tea and coffee


Digital marketing demystified

Implement Consulting Group will share perspectives on bringing marketing and sales closer together, and how you can use digital marketing to generate leads and drive pipeline value.


Case: Digital sales enablement

Presentation of how a global renewable materials company are developing a digital lead generating/nurturing model, including pilot market selection, target audience profiling, value proposition design, channel selection, content (key messages and formats) and marketing automation flows.


Short break and networking


How can you build a successful digital marketing model?

Implement Consulting Group will share a framework to help you get started, including the key components, activities and tools to take digital marketing to the next level in your organisation.


Networking and light snacks

Practical information


Blackbox Studio
Nordenskiöldsgatan 24
211 19 Malmö

28 November 2019
8:30 AM - 11:00 AM

The event is free of charge.