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Half Double

Learn how to achieve double the impact in your projects


Part one: 4-5 March 2020

Part two: 1 April 2020

You register by writing an email to:
Maria Elisabeth Strand

The Half Double methodology is a well-tested agile approach for you to lead your projects to double the impact in half the time.

Half Double builds on what we know works from best practice project management but differentiates itself with a strong focus on:

  • Impact creation throughout the lifetime of a project. When you use Half Double, this is the primary area of focus (rather than the project deliverables).
  • Achieving flow in the project that drives progress whilst injecting energy and transparency.
  • Promoting leadership that breaks down the formalism embedded in project structures and focusing on leadership of people rather than the management of systems.

Feedback from participant at the November training course in Oslo

The course will combine theory and hands-on training to ensure an engaging and impactful experience for the participants.

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The training programme

The training course consists of two sessions with an experimentation period in between. This will enable you to test the Half Double methodology in practice and get feedback and coaching on how to increase the impact of the methodology in your projects.

Great mix of theory and case work

Feedback from participant at the November training course in Oslo

  • Ignite (4-5 March 2020): The 2-day Ignite session gives you an introduction to the methodology and includes case work for you to practise using methodology.
  • 4 weeks of experimentation: Based on your personal plan, you will test the methodology on your own projects. You will document learning (successes and challenges) for the Boost session.
  • Boost (1 April 2020): The 1-day Boost session gives you the opportunity to share successes and address the key challenges in applying the methodology in practice. During the session, you will receive advice on how to overcome these challenges.

At the end of the Ignite session, you will plan your personal Half Double journey for using the methodology on your own projects during the experimentation period.

Highly engaged course facilitators

Feedback from participant at the November training course in Oslo

You will reflect and document your learnings in a reflection paper, which will be the focus of the Boost session. This will ensure that you achieve greater impact from the training course.

Practical information


Implement Consulting Group
Munkedamsveien 35
0250 Oslo


Ignite (part one): 4-5 March 2020

Boost (part two): 1 April 2020

All days from 09:00-17:00

Maria Elisabeth Strand
Hege Furseth Hjertø

You register for three sessions of the Half Double course by writing an email to Maria Elisabeth Strand at

For more information about practicalities, please contact Maria Elisabeth Strand.

For more information about the course content, please contact Hege Furseth Hjertø or download the course programme here


The price for attending the course is NOK 14,900

Half Double Institute

Want to dive deeper?

Go to the Half Double Institute website to dive even deeper into the Half Double methodology and its three core elements: impact, flow and leadership.

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