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Half Double – a proven concept

Conference on the newest scientific updates

On 11 December, you can get insights from the newest scientific updates on Half Double. Nine pilot projects have been evaluated by scholars from three universities. The concept has been proven. And in the past six months, the community has increased its size by 28% and 100 project leaders have been endorsed as practitioners.

We invite you to the Half Double conference in Aarhus on 11 December 2018. Much has happened since the first conference back in 2015. The community has grown from 21 founding members to 1,750 passionate project practitioners. 250+ Half Double practitioners have been trained. Nine pilot projects are already finished, another six pilot projects are currently running. And the Project Half Double book has been published.

Introduction and insights from research results

Join the conference to learn more about the Half Double methodology and how you can apply it to your project. You will also get the newest scientific insights from the Half Double research as well as the Norwegian SpeedUp project, an initiative that has a lot in common with Project Half Double.

The day will bring you an enlightening and engaging programme. One of the architects of Project Half Double and Partner at Implement Consulting Group, Michael Ehlers, will introduce the methodology and its characteristics. Afterwards, Associate Professor Per Svejvig and Postdoc Anna Le Gerstrøm Rode from Aarhus University will present the newest updates on the Half Double research results. Lastly, Agnar Johansen from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and SINTEF will present results from the SpeedUp project, an independent project with the ambition of finding new philosophies, principles and techniques for shortening the project lifespan by reducing planning time by 50% and execution time by 30%.

Read more about research on the Half Double methodology on Half Double Institute's website (external website).




The Half Double Methodology

Partner Michael Ehlers

  • Engagement session


Half Double results

Associate Professor Per Svejvig and Postdoc Anna Le Gerstrøm Rode

  • Engagement session


The SpeedUp project

Senior Research Scientist Agnar Johansen

  • Engagement session

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Practical information


Aarhus BSS Aarhus University,
Fuglesangs allé 4,
Upper multi-room (2nd floor),
DK-8210 Aarhus V

11 December 2018
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Thomas Kristian Ruth
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Michael Ehlers

Partner at Implement Consulting Group

Michael will tell the story of Half Double and provide participants with the key understanding needed to under-stand and apply the methodology.

Anna Le Gerstrøm Rode

Postdoc at Aarhus University

Anna will summarise the research con-clusions from a forthcoming report on four Project Half Double themes of special interest.

Per Svejvig

Associate Professor at Aarhus University

From a research perspective, Per will share the conclusions and research results of the first nine Half Double pilot projects. Each of the pilot projects has been evaluated and compared to 2-3 internal projects in the same organisation to assess the effect of using the methodology.

Agnar Johansen

Senior Research Scientist at NTNU and SINTEF

Agnar and his team have spent four years researching how to reduce project lifespan. The project has worked closely together with the Norwegian Defence, Jernbaneverket, Statsbyg and other industrial part-ners.