Growth & innovation

How do we create systemic growth and develop speed, and entrepreneurship in all parts of our organisation?

Organic growth is the oxygen of organisations, it is the proof that we keep a pace of change and innovation above competition. 9 of 10 organisations will have customer centricity, innovation or digital among their must-win battles – and they are all pointing to growth.

Systemic sales growth depends on a finely tuned system of differentiated branding, pricing, digital marketing and customer relationship management, and not least a commercial leadership constantly leading by example. Implement helps organisations operationalise “Customer Centricity”, tuning the commercial engine for sustainable growth.

Similarly successful innovation is not a “happy accident” but a systemic capability that requires the right processes, systems and culture to support it. Implement helps organisations innovate for growth. By incorporating the latest in product modularisation and strategy, user-centred design and lean innovation, we help businesses test hypotheses, refine them and take them to market – fast, so they can get the edge over their competitors and achieve transformational growth.

Who's looking into innovation and growth?