Event in Aarhus

Get new employees on board

Better, faster, stronger


30 August 2019

We know that good onboarding means better business – and that culture, network and routines are critical factors for new hires to reach performance goals and keep feeling engaged. But is it possible to accelerate our onboarding activities? In our experience, the answer is YES! And we would like to share our insights with you at this event.

Do you sometimes see new hires in your organisation struggle during their onboarding, and do you see people leave the company too soon? If you think that you might be able to do more to make new hires adjust and flourish, this event may be relevant to you.

You will get to dive into how you can accelerate your onboarding and help new hires reach their performance goals – making them an integrated part of your organisation better, faster and stronger.

We have succeeded in accelerating onboarding into many organisations including our own

Throughout the years, we have worked deliberately with utilising the business benefits of successful onboarding initiatives to create a fast and successful integration of new hires and other employees into the organisation. Many case studies, including our own projects, show that successful onboarding has a strong impact on business. This has meant shorter time to performance, improved retention, better compliance, more new hire satisfaction and increased employee engagement in the organisations we have worked with.

Successful onboarding is good business

Insights on how to accelerate your onboarding

Join us on 30 August where you will get insights into our extensive experience when it comes to onboarding and learn about our approach to accelerating the onboarding of new hires.

You will also get the opportunity to be inspired by a senior leader who will share her specific experience from working strategically with accelerated onboarding in several organisations, both in terms of building competencies, improving performance and developing culture.

At the event, you will also get a chance to discuss your own onboarding challenges with peers and practitioners, as well as Implement’s experts within the field who will provide tips and advice on how to improve your onboarding process.

At the event we will:
  • Introduce you to the accelerated onboarding approach, including tools and mindset
  • Exemplify what accelerated onboarding looks like in different contexts and situations
  • Provide you with an opportunity to look at your own onboarding approach and challenges together with peers

Practical information


Implement Consulting Group
Ceresbyen 75
8000 Aarhus C


30 august 2019 from 08:30-11:30

We will serve a light breakfast from 08:00


The event is relevant to senior managers, HR leaders and onboarding practitioners, as well as leaders driving mergers and post-merger efforts.


The event is free of charge