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Gemba Leadership training

How to close the gap between implementation and sustained impact


4 September

Are you working with transformation projects or improvement initiatives? If you sometimes find it difficult to sustain impact after implementation, then join us for a full-day Gemba Leadership training session, where we will share tools and best practices to ensure long-lasting impact.

Do you also sometimes face challenges during your implementation projects? Like when early supporters initially get on board and start the change journey, but then the majority can’t keep up with required behaviour changes? Or do you ever experience that your employees return to old habits as soon as the implementation is done?

With Gemba Leadership, you can close the gap between implementation and sustainability for long-lasting value. It builds a foundation and mindset for continuous improvement, with which you can sustain the impact after you have implemented the changes and closed the project.

A one-day training session on using Gemba Leadership to sustain impact

Join us on 4 September to find out how to use Gemba Leadership to sustain the impact of your implementation project.

Attending the one-day training session will help you develop a greater understanding of Gemba Walks as a management routine. On the day, you will be learning by doing and experience the power of coaching as a tool for developing leaders and employees.

After the training session, you will have gained a better understanding of how to:
  • Be truly present where value is created – seeing the actual process as it is happening and engaging with people in the process to improve the process and develop people.
  • Diagnose the current effectiveness of processes, people’s capabilities and how management systems are supporting the processes.
  • Improve the effectiveness of management routines and leadership behaviour to support a culture of continuous improvement and problem-solving.
  • Engage and empower employees to continuously improve their work areas and routines.

Is the Gemba Leadership training relevant to you?

The one-day training session is designed for leaders and management teams wanting to take an active role in sustaining improvements throughout their organisation.

The training session is relevant to organisations at any stage of a Lean transformation that are struggling with:

  • Embedding improvement activities in the organisation.
  • Achieving impact from improvement initiatives.
  • Sustaining the results from improvements.



Morning session

What is a Gemba Walk?




Afternoon session

Gemba Coaching


Practical experience


Reflections and wrap-up

We will meet up for reflections and wrap-up in plenum 


End of programme

Practical information



The exact location will be confirmed soon. 

4 September 2020
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Please register before

2 September 2020

14:00 (CEST)


The one-day training session is free of charge, but the spots are limited (20 spots available). 

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