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Future-proof your supply chain

Learn how to improve profitability by aligning sales, operations and finance


11 June 2020

Coronavirus precaution

Due to the continuous spreading of the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), we have decided to host this event online. Please sign up via the link below - after registration you will receive an email with a link for the virtual session.

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How to create a resilient supply chain with a competitive edge using sales and operations planning

Today, companies face greater uncertainty than ever. In a volatile business landscape, where conditions are constantly changing, you need to be able to act proactively in your business. Thus, you need a resilient supply chain with a competitive edge, as this is what makes the difference between success and failure. With sales and operations planning (S&OP), you can navigate the uncertainty of the business landscape.

Bridging the gap with S&OP

Supply chain planning is not all about planning to be able to react to every possible outcome. It is much more about creating strong processes so you can predict and proactively adapt to unforeseen events. S&OP enables you to act proactively in highly uncertain environments, to become more agile and to improve timely decision-making.

Using S&OP in your organisation, you can bring the different functions together, having them speak the same language and operate under the same plan. And in that way, you can bridge the gap between long-term strategic plans and short-term operational plans using S&OP.

Sales and operations planning (S&OP)

S&OP is a cross-functional decision-making process that you can use to steer your organisation to better balance demand and supply. It brings the functions in the organisation together and helps them speak the same language and align on the same plan. It also helps bridge the gap between long-term strategic plans and short-term operational plans.

With S&OP in place, you can make timely decisions that are driven by company profitability rather than silo targets, base decisions on clearly mapped fact-based scenarios rather than gut feelings and integrate the rolling business plan with the financial budget on a continuous basis. By doing this, you will continually achieve focus, alignment and synchronisation among all functions of the organisation

A day of supply chain planning insights on the latest trends and practical cases

Do you want to be inspired on how you can gain a competitive advantage and become resilient to fast-changing supply chain environments? Then join us for a morning session on how you can use S&OP to make your organisation become more proactive and agile.

At the morning meeting, you will be presented with various aspects of S&OP binding together operations, sales and finance. Also, you will hear about the latest trends in supply chain planning from S&OP experts, and you can learn from practical cases from companies such as Arla and Barry Callebaut, which have already started their S&OP journeys.



Welcome and introduction

By Implement Consulting Group


Keynote: Future-proof your supply chain

An introduction to S&OP

By Thomas Holm, Implement Consulting Group


Case talk: Our journey into S&OP

By Christophe Malaman, Head of Global Supply Chain at Barry Callebaut


Café sessions:

  • Scenario planning
  • Digitalisation with SAP IBP

Case talk: Linking S&OP decisions to the operational planning

By Andreas Poulstrup, Site Planning Manager at Arla



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The event is hosted online.

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11 June 2020
9:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Tobias Alexander Markussen
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11 June 2020
08:30 (CEST)


The event is free of charge

Please start your registration by choosing one of the two sessions below

Scenario planning

How scenario planning can create a competitive advantage


In uncertain environments, it can be hard to agree on a reliable consensus forecast to be used in the S&OP process. Therefore, scenario planning can provide an alternative approach when planning with uncertainty. This will contribute to better decision-making about new opportunities or risks and will provide reliable and high-quality decision proposals.


Please sign up for the café session on scenario planning here

Digitalisation with SAP IBP

Lifting the S&OP process to the next level


A strong planning tool is essential for an S&OP process to be efficient and to enable correct and timely decision-making. SAP IBP is a great planning tool that can take the digitalisation of your supply chain to a new level. Join this café session to see how SAP IBP can help translate the S&OP plan between all stakeholders and establish a transparency in the decision making.


Please sign up for the café session on digitalisation with SAP IBP here