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If you would like to participate in Future Leader X-Lab 2019,­
please contact Henrik Sonnenberg at the link below


The future isn’t ours to predict or control. It’s ours to design and innovate. But only if we have the ability to navigate increasing uncertainty and complexity – and discover what customers and colleagues truly value through fast prototyping and experimentation.

This new reality has given birth to the Lean Startup movement, spearheaded by entrepreneur, blogger and bestselling author Eric Ries. We are incredibly excited to announce that Eric Ries will join us at the Future Leader X-Lab in Copenhagen on 12 April 2019, where we would like to invite a selection of your most talented employees to address some of the big challenges facing your organisation.

Fuelled by Ries’ innovative thinking, teams will work with selected strategic challenges and explore how to fast-forward change and impact for customers, partners and employees of your organisation – and become even better at designing the future.

Send a team of 7 –8 of your brightest minds to the X-lab 2019.

Future Leader X-Lab

An idea born during the planning of Implement Thought Leaders 2017, the Future Leader X-Lab gave emerging, talented individuals from 20 selected organisations the opportunity to hack and ideate their way to new concepts, while senior figures from the same organisations attended the main event. This year, we’re looking forward to building on its success.


Dream big

Explore a possible future

Execute small

Make it come alive through fast experiments

Get real

Validate experiments and learn what customers or users value

Scale learnings

Debate with Eric Ries how your organisation can become even better at changing fast

Practical information


DR Koncerthuset
Ørestads Boulevard 13
2300 Copenhagen S

12 April 2019
8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

If you would like to participate in Future Leader X-Lab 2019, please contact:

Henrik Sonnenberg
+45 2338 0031


Free of charge.