Future business trends

– six global trends shaping tomorrow’s business strategies


February 2019


In the periphery of society, the future is already emerging. From a multitude of tendencies, a few turn into the trends that will form the future. As businesses, it is important that we keep an eye on the periphery to investigate the trends that will become the prime influencers of our future business environments.

A flow from edge to centre

Trends are shaping the potential future of society, people and businesses. They start their life off among a multitude of different tendencies, and slowly, the patterns turn into more particular characteristics and become relatively well-known in the wider populations as the tendency becomes a trend. With time, even more people adopt the trend characteristics, and the trend will – over time – become a new societal discourse or standard.

How trends influence industry-specific business models

Trends catalyse different strategic issues and opportunities that can be addressed with advantage when making decisions about where we want to take our organisations in the future as well as when we make everyday business choices.

When we talk about trends, we talk about them on different levels:

  • Fundamental mega trends set the stage for the general development of the world and provide the foundation for the trends shaping society and business.
  • Society and business trends are the forces that shape how people live and work. They are closer to our daily lives but are still quite broad and general.
  • Industry-specific business model trends. The industry-specific business model impact that makes the trends tangible and highlights necessary/possible actions that a company can take.

Businesses should keep an eye on all three levels to stay on top of their game, as this eventually allows for investigating how these developments could be turned into opportunities for specific businesses.

Six global trends shaping tomorrow’s business strategies

We have identified six future trends. Each trend includes three sub-trends, which are exemplified with real-life cases from cutting-edge businesses. With the examples, we try to provide glimpses into a potential future new normality.

The six trends are;

Dive into the six trends

Would you like to know more about each of the six trends? Then download the trend report where we document the six trends with short descriptions of key drivers, illustrative cases and supporting facts.