Full Shop floor Engagement

Date: 12:00-16:00

18 May

You sign up for the course by writing an email to Pernille Krogh at

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How to engage everyone to continuously improve and raise productivity?

Are you a manager who wants your shop floor leaders to excel? Or are you a shop floor leader who wants your operators to feel more ownership, appreciation and involvement in daily work improvements? Either way, if you want to create true engagement on the shop floor, join this training session where we share insights into how to practice Gemba Stand as a great leadership method.

During the 4-hour training session, you will:

  • Get familiarised with the Gemba Leadership Framework.
  • Learn the power of shifting your behaviour from Gemba Walk to Gemba Stand.
  • Deep dive into the method of the Gemba Stand (targeting 5S, 7 Wastes and Safety).
  • Reflect on your own shop floor behaviour.
  • Practice your coaching approach as an alternative to formal feedback.

After the training session, you will:

  • Be encouraged to practice your learnings on the shop floor because we know learnings dramatically improve when you apply them in real life.

Included in the training package is a 1-hour reflection session, where you learn from each other’s experiences. Here, you will:

  • Have the chance to share your experience and increase your learning.
  • Get introduced to additional tips and tricks when practicing Gemba Leadership.

Feedback from previous participants

Previous participants have rated this training 4,6 of 5 in terms of feeling energized and inspired to apply the learnings in daily work😊

"I liked the way it was facilitated with very easy dialogue and discussions."

"I have to complement the way that you engaged the audience and the way that you were able to incorporate the input from us into your presentation to tailor it to our "point of view."

Interested in knowing more before signing up?

If you have any questions, please get in touch directly with one of our programme trainers.

Practical information

Where and how

The training will be fully virtual. 

You will join using Zoom. We will send you the link, incl. a short introduction to our Gemba Leadership Framework after you sign up.


The 4-hour virtual training session will take place on 18 May at 12:00-16:00.

As part of the training, a 1-hour reflection session is included, which will take place on 8 June at 14:00-15:00 (help and guidance can be provided between the sessions).

Sign up for the course

You sign up for the course by writing an email to Pernille Krogh at

Sign up

Cancellation no later than 1 week before the training is free of charge.

After this date, you will be charged the full participation price. Please contact Pernille Krogh ( for questions related to payment or cancellation.


The price is DKK 1,500 per person or DKK 4,500 per group when joining from the same company (maximum 5 people). You will receive an invoice after signing up.