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From data and brain science to experience and behaviour

Insights with Impact – two days of brain-friendly learning

The event is fully booked. You find information about the waiting list at the bottom of this page. 


7-8 November

When it comes to the use of data and brain science in people business, the hype and hopes have never been higher – nor have the doubts and worries.

On the one hand, organisations start to realise the benefits of basing decisions on facts. On the other hand, they also see the pitfalls and barriers of integrating new technology into human systems and everyday life.

A new race has started, moving as fast and agile as possible from new insights to new practices and new business. The key question for many is how to use data and brain science to influence the experience and behaviour of people, whether they are users, customers, employees or collaborators.

The most brain-friendly event

If you are a professional occupied with influencing experience and behaviour in change, learning, marketing, sales and leadership, nothing should stop you from participating in this event. It could be one of those powerful moments where you get inspiration and energy to move on.

Our intention is – with a creative conference layout – to build an environment where learning and networking can happen in a way that is easy, fun and rewarding. The design consists of five sections spread out over two days.


Day 1

Try-out zone – onboard

Focus on experience where you will be moving around, interacting with people, ideas and technologies from applied neuroscience, social physics, behaviour design, user experience, meditation, gamification etc.


Take-in zone – collect powers

Focus on learning where experts and inspirators from the above-mentioned fields will offer masterclasses and inspirational talks. You will go with the energy and pick the ones you find the most interesting.


Big shift – just for the fun of it

Focus on networking with refreshments and a pleasant surprise.

Day 2

Work-out zone – play to learn

Focus on practice where you will have the opportunity to work together to solve shared challenges, applying the new insights and learning. The outcome will be ideas and concepts that are ready to be used on a small scale or large scale.


Reflective zone – go live

Focus on perspective with a facilitated talk in teams about how to move from simulator to the real world, introduction of the community and a final session taking you behind the scenes of the first Insights with Impact conference.

Practical information


Implement Consulting Group
Strandvejen 56
2900 Hellerup

7-8 November 2018
Henrik Horn Andersen
Waiting list

The event is fully booked. 

If you want to be registered for the waiting list, please write an email to Maria Sig Møller, masm@implement.dk.


Free of charge