Finance Strategy

A finance strategy should be deeply founded in the overall business strategy and focus on value creation and finance excellence.

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Nicolai Steen Worziger

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The role of finance is changing, and aligning a finance strategy with corporate strategic initiatives can be a challenge.

Many organisations experience increased organisational complexity, accelerated technologic development and digital change. Finance organisations are right at the centre of these changes, and as such the need to ensure strategic alignment and cascading of corporate strategies and initiatives has never been more important.

At Implement Consulting Group, we strongly believe that finance organisations have an imperative role in supporting decisions to maximise business impact.

We help finance executives develop finance strategies and operating models. While developing a finance strategy is important, we put equal emphasis on translating the strategy into prioritised road maps and transformation plans. Our primary focus is to ensure impact, recognised through behavioural change by people in the business and translated into tangible business results. We make sure that the winning strategy is cascaded to all levels of the finance organisation to make the strategy live every day and create momentum.

When creating a finance strategy, there are some key considerations to reflect upon:

  • Is our vision or winning aspiration clear, relevant and exciting?
  • How do we benchmark against our peers and become best in class?
  • Do you have an operating model to support your finance strategy?
  • What should be included in a transformation road map, and how do we increase the likelihood of a successful implementation?
  • Are you as a new CFO or in a post-merger integration ready with a plan for the first 100 days?