Finance Operations

Cost-efficient and effective finance operations are based on agile and robust operational structures with lean and efficient end-to-end processes across the organisation.

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Nicolai Steen Worziger

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Finance organisations are constantly faced with requirements from the rest of the organisation to deliver faster and more accurate numbers at lower costs. At the same time, legislation on controls and compliance is increasing. But how can you achieve this, if lack of resources and competences is blocking the way, or technical solutions are outdated?

At Implement Consulting Group, we have substantial experience in finance transformation with an end-to-end perspective. This means improving processes, systems, organisation and operating model (including an effective control environment), addressing the needed competences in finance and using IT more diligently. We have developed methods and processes that ensure impact in a finance reorganisation and transformation.

The result? Finance organisations that are more in control, delivering better/faster numbers for decision-makers in the organisation at a lower cost.

When embarking on a finance operations transformation, there are some key considerations to reflect upon:

  • How do I make finance more digital, integrated and automated?
  • Are our transactional processes optimised end-to-end in a lean way with high user satisfaction?
  • How can we report faster with increased quality without additional overtime?
  • Are we organised optimally to serve our customers’ needs efficiently, do we have the right competences, and where should we be locating the finance organisation?