Factory Turnaround

How to change the profitability curve to an upward direction in challenging and tense times

20 September

Implement Consulting Group hereby invites you to an inspiring morning event with focus on the strategic and operational levers to consider for a factory which is facing decreasing profitability and is struggling to survive.

Throughout the morning, we will cover topics for COOs and production managers to consider such as strategic decisions, organisation and culture, flow and productivity, planning and supporting systems, performance management and how Industry 4.0 fits into all of this.

This will be done through presentations by Implement, an external industry speaker, panel discussions and multiple café sessions covering different topics.

Join us for an inspirational and hands-on-oriented morning, where you can learn and gain more insight into various concepts that affect your factory turnaround and discuss them with experts and peers.



Doors open and light breakfast


Introduction and welcome


Strategic and operational choices to make in a factory turnaround
Implement will share their thoughts on how to engage factories with a need to turn around their business and make it profitable again, both from a strategic and operational standpoint


Case example from Alfa Laval

“PHE Factory Lund” of Alfa Laval will share their story on how they embarked on a transformation journey for their factory and the key takeaways from this process
Anna Wieslander, Alfa Laval


Break, coffee and light discussion


Café session with parallel tracks

This session covers the topics of operating system, Industry 4.0, warehouse and distribution strategy, asset strategy and planning. A mix of concept and company cases with a subject matter expert to drive the discussion


Panel discussion

Panel discussion to learn more about how to help companies make factory turnaround and sharing of experience across industries. Sharing of implementation experience, the big “why”, tips and tricks etc.


Takeaway lunch pack

Practical information


Implement Consulting Group
Strandvejen 56
2900 Hellerup

20 September 2018
8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Pedro D'Arezzo Maestrelli

Free of charge

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