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Executive breakfast

How to achieve sustainable cost reductions within strategic and transactional sourcing


13 March

How do you achieve sustainable cost reductions, efficiency and notable business impact within strategic and transactional sourcing of components, products and services? Join us for an executive breakfast, where we will share case-based insights into sourcing and procurement with keynote speakers Espen Samuelsen, Saferoad, and Peter Ringström, Ericsson AB.

In today's business landscape, sourcing of components, products and services make up a significant part of most company operations. On average, in industrial manufacturing companies, the total supplier spend accounts for 52% of the revenue, which is due to different challenges, including e.g. spend creep and cost containment discipline, securing/developing a competitive supplier base, effective use of supplier agreements and volume/scale, leveraging digital opportunities effectively.

Resultingly, sourcing is a considerable cost with significant business impact – but despite the huge financial implications, sourcing often still lacks sufficient strategic focus and investments, and management attention is often associated with optimised transactional sourcing.

A morning on getting the most out of your sourcing efforts

We would like to invite you to an executive breakfast, where you will get insights from the invited keynote speakers into how to get the most out of strategic and transactional sourcing efforts and how to capture sourcing value through category optimisation and transactional efficiency.

Case from Saferoad: Sourcing cost reduction through category optimisation

Saferoad is a market-leading provider of road safety and road infrastructure products and services owned by FSN Capital Partners, a private equity firm. Last year, they launched a comprehensive multi-category optimisation programme, identifying significant cost savings across many categories. Espen Samuelsen, SVP Operations, will share his insights into the challenges and results experienced during their journey that is still ongoing.

Case from Ericsson: Global spend control and efficiency through world-class transactional sourcing

Ericsson is one of the leading global providers of information and communication technology (ICT) to service providers. Within sourcing, their ambition is to achieve commercial excellence, operational efficiency and to drive supplier and partner innovation. Since 2016, they have had it as their focus area to ensure efficiency and compliance within the transactional sourcing. Peter Ringström, Head of Ericsson Procurement Office, will present their journey towards full leverage on the contracted supplier base, global spend control, digitalisation and compliance to regulations.

We conclude the event with an open panel discussion with Ericsson, Saferoad and Implement, during which you will get the opportunity to discuss the cases and share your own experiences with achieving sustainable cost reductions within strategic and transactional sourcing.





Introduction and presentation of keynote speakers

– by Anders Kjellberg and Joakim Sjöholm

Case: Category optimisation and accelerated cost reduction

– by Espen Samuelsen, Saferoad AS

Case: Achieving sustainable leverage on strategic sourcing efforts

– by Peter Ringström, Ericsson AB

Open panel discussion with panellists

Espen Samuelsen (Saferoad), Peter Ringström (Ericsson), Anders Kjellberg (Implement) and Joakim Sjöholm (Implement, facilitator)


Coffee and networking

Possibility to stay and mingle.


End of programme

Practical information


Implement Consulting Group
Kungsbron 2, 11th floor
111 22 Stockholm

13 March 2020
8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
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Wednesday 11 March 2020
14:00 (CET)

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