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Executive breakfast

Successful M&A approaches

21 September 2018

Swedish book launch of “The M&A Formula” and discussion of successful M&A approaches

Join us for the Swedish launch of the successful book “The M&A Formula” by Peter Zink Secher and Ian Horley.

Take part in a discussion of what drives successful M&A together with keynote speakers Svante Schriber from Stockholm Business School, Jan Barsballe and Anders Rosén from ASSA ABLOY as well as seasoned M&A practitioner panellists including Kristina Patek from Tieto, Peter Viinapuu from Cabonline Group and Robert Cornelius from Skanska.

A growing sector

The M&A sector continues to grow, and there is no indication of the sector slowing down. However, the likelihood of M&A deal success is still low.

The recent global study from Secher & Horley (2017) estimates an average M&A success rate of approximately 50%, which is in line with the Implement Consulting Group Nordic M&A with Impact survey (2016) suggesting an average stated success rate among M&A practitioners of approximately 60%.

One reason mergers and acquisitions fail is the lack of scientific methods and conventional processes in the thinking behind the deals (Secher & Horley, 2017).

Join us for research and insights on M&A

Our keynote speakers will share a method for assessing M&A deals, i.e. “the M&A formula”. They will discuss insights from research, presenting Peter Secher’s new book, and dive into a case study and panel discussion.

  • Svante Schriber shares his research and insights, also referred to in “The M&A Formula”. Svante is Associate Professor at Stockholm Business School, focusing on how companies grow through M&A.
  • Peter Secher presents his book “The M&A Formula”, which addresses business model-driven M&A strategies. Peter has more than 20 years of M&A experience.
  • Anders Rosén and Jan Barsballe share their experience from ASSA ABLOY, which is one of the company case studies featured in the book. Anders is Corporate Finance Manager and responsible for ASSA ABLOY Group’s M&A function, and Jan is Vice President Business Development at ASSA ABLOY.

After the short keynote sessions, there will be a panel discussion with participation from the keynote speakers as well as Kristina Patek, Head of Mergers & Acquisitions at Tieto Corporation, Peter Viinapuu, Group CEO at Cabonline Group and Robert Cornelius, Corporate Development/M&A at Skanska.

During the panel discussion, you will have the opportunity to ask questions as well as share your own experience of how to succeed with M&A to accelerate business growth.

We look forward to seeing you!





Introduction to M&A and keynote speakers
by Anders Kjellberg

Research insights for the M&A Formula
by Svante Schriber

Presentation of the book “The M&A Formula”
by Peter Secher

The M&A Formula case study: M&A at ASSA ABLOY
by Anders Rosén and Jan Barsballe

M&A panel discussion with panellists:

- Robert Cornelius, Corporate Development/M&A at Skanska
- Kristina Patek, Head of Mergers & Acquisitions, Tieto Corporation
- Anders Rosén, Manager, Corporate Finance at ASSA ABLOY AB
- Peter Viinapuu, Group CEO at Cabonline Group
- Peter Secher, Author of “The M&A Formula”
- Svante Schriber, Associate Professor at Stockholm Business School


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Implement Consulting Group
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21 September 2018
8:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Rickard Åkesson