Do you want to elevate your company’s sustainability journey and carve a stronger market position through unique value propositions? Then join us for this two-part event to be inspired by peers and experts in the field to start crafting your company’s next sustainable value propositions.

Join us for a two-day event series designed to equip your company with the tools and insights you need to transform your sustainability efforts into a core component of your competitive value proposition. The series is an invitation to companies committed to leveraging sustainability, not just as a compliance or marketing strategy but as a fundamental driver of value creation and differentiation in the marketplace. 

The first event is for inspiration, and the second is a hands-on workshop. Join us to be inspired and co-develop actionable commercial strategies that align with your sustainability goals and desired market positioning.

Event structure

The event is split into two days, each consisting of a 2.5-hour dynamic session designed to provide maximum value and actionable outcomes.

It is not a must that you attend both sessions, but we strongly encourage you to do so.

  • 25 April 2024 – Inspiration and insight session
    The first session is an inspirational session introducing you to cutting-edge ideas and success stories on how to integrate sustainability into your value proposition. You will learn from thought leaders who have successfully capitalised on this opportunity and get insights from an Implement study on key challenges and how to overcome them to leverage your own sustainability journey.

    In this first session, you will align on your current status and the challenges you need to overcome to succeed.

  • 16 May 2024 – Sustainable value proposition design workshop
    The second session is a collaborative workshop where your team will engage hands-on to develop tailored, sustainability-centred value propositions specific to your company’s needs and aspirations. The workshop will be facilitated by experts in sustainability and strategic value creation.

    To maximise the benefits of the experience, we encourage you to bring some customer insights or data to this second session. The insights will not be shared with other companies present during the event. You will get more information about the type of customer insights during the first session.


Who should attend?

To achieve strong value propositions, we believe that co-development and breaking down silos is the way to go. Therefore, we urge you to join in teams of 2-3 people from each company. However, you are also welcome to come alone.

The event is mainly targeted at:

  • Sustainability directors
  • Chief commercial officers
  • Heads of strategy

We acknowledge that titles do not tell the whole story – sign up if this is relevant to you.

Why attend?

  • Actionable outcomes: Leave the event with a clear, customised plan on how to start integrating sustainability into your value proposition to effectively communicate the value you create with your sustainability efforts.
  • Cross-industry learning: Benefit from a rich exchange of ideas and best practices.
  • Expert guidance: Receive insights and mentorship from experts in commercial growth, sustainability and business strategy.
  • Networking: Connect with like-minded professionals who are on the same journey as you.

Be part of an experience that will help translate your sustainability efforts into a compelling value proposition that sets you apart. As a participant, you can expect cross-industry learning, expert guidance, networking and actionable outcomes.

The event will be held in English.

Sign up for the event

Day 1: 25 April 2024, 07:30-10:00 (breakfast included)

Day 2:
16 May 2024, 07:30-10:00 (breakfast included)

Limited spots available – secure your spot as soon as possible. 

Those who sign up for both events will be prioritised. You will receive a confirmation of your secured spot by email.

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