As technologies are developing fast, organisations need to seize opportunities, not only to survive but to grow. This requires organisations to build new capabilities, specifically when it comes to aligning digital strategies and the strategic capabilities of business innovation. In addition, new disruptive technologies are constantly emerging, causing a shift in our behaviour and mindset.

As a result, business leaders must not only understand the impact of various digital technologies but also learn to cultivate an agile mindset to lead, thrive and empower employees during transformation and change. 

Topics we will cover:

  • Leading digital transformation in times of change
  • Building crucial capabilities in determining the success of the digital transformation

During the event, you will have the opportunity to gain insights from two of our leading stars: Juna Jumaa, who has done research on the topic of success criteria for digital transformation from an executive perspective, and Peter Rosenberg, who has more than 15 years of experience driving digital transformation programmes in various industries.

After the presentation, we will dive into an engaging panel discussion with business leaders who are driving digital transformation in their organisations. The panel will consist of Gaspar Wosa, former Head of Innovation at Ericsson, and Malin Friberg, Head of Strategy at Cabonline.

We look forward to seeing you on 15 February 2024.

The event will be held in English.

Speakers & panellists

Juna Jumaa
Implement Consulting Group

Juna Jumaa is a senior management consultant at Implement Consulting Group. For more than 12 years, she has worked on various change initiatives focusing on the human side of change.

Juna’s driving force is to help organisations succeed in their transformation journey by identifying and building the capabilities required to advance during change and transformation. Her role is to create alignment between processes, systems and the capabilities of individuals to help organisations implement their strategies and achieve a common goal.

Juna holds an Executive MBA with a focus on change and leadership and a BSc in International Business Administration.

Peter Rosenberg
Implement Consulting Group

Peter Rosenberg is a partner at Implement Consulting Group, specialising in the field of digital transformation. He has 15 years of experience working with digitalisation and digital transformation programmes in various industries, including telecom, interactive media, utilities, retail, banking and insurance. 

Peter has experience in the digitalisation of sales, marketing, customer experience and customer support. He typically solves tasks in digital strategy, digital transformation, programme and project management, IT governance and operating models. 

Peter has also held the role of Product Marketing Director, working with an interactive media startup and driving cost efficiency and quality excellence on a global scale at Tele2.

Malin Friberg

Malin Friberg is Head of Group Strategy at Cabonline Group and is responsible for the group’s strategic and commercial growth across markets and regions. 

With a background in management consulting and a specialisation in top-line growth and M&A, she has supported owners in acquisition scenarios to validate the viability of the target’s digital strategy and maturity. Moreover, she has acted as programme manager of a large-scale digital transformation journey, supporting a global IT group’s transition to an agile operating model.

Gaspar Wosa

Gaspar Wosa is an entrepreneur and the CEO of a recently established tech startup called PryvX, which is a platform that enables collaboration on sensitive data while preserving data privacy.

Before embarking on his journey as a CEO, Gaspar worked as Director of Automation & AI Innovation at Ericsson. Gaspar is one of our guest panellists and will share his valuable experience and knowledge on the topic of leading digital transformation and leadership in times of change.

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