How can you ensure an outstanding customer experience in the most critical part of the customer journey? 

Facing low NPS scores? Challenges in handling unsatisfied customers? Struggling with internal motivation and employee satisfaction in customer service functions? Experiencing misalignment between your digital and human customer interaction? Insecure about how to implement a customer service concept on a global scale?

Join our webinar about customer service to gain insights into how to overcome challenges and turn potential customer churn into customer loyalty. Learn from our experiences in assisting companies to redesign their approach to customers and specially how the human interaction with customers can be significantly improved. This webinar will also offer insights into a specific customer case as well as input into how to use technology to reinforce human behaviour.

The webinar will give you the following:

  • An understanding of the importance of the human interaction in customer service
  • A well-tested four-step model for how to handle and structure customer interactions when these are going from digital to human interactions
  • Inspiration for how to implement a global customer service concept for 2,000+ CS agents in all parts of the world
  • Insights into how speech analytics can help you improve the quality of the human interaction significantly

Don’t miss this opportunity to increase your customer and employee satisfaction.

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