“How can leaders and teams reach good decisions when faced with dilemmas and competing demands?”

What is “both/and” thinking, and how do you make practical decisions that balance competing demands in your everyday life and meetings? 

In an accelerated and more complex business environment, the challenge for many companies is to stay dynamic and adaptable by balancing tough choices, competing demands, dilemmas and paradoxes, facing an unforeseeable and unpredictable future based on insufficient data.

One thing that greatly increases the chances of making a great choice when faced with dilemmas and paradoxes is diversity of thought. Practising inclusive meetings is a great way to achieve that. 

Inclusive meetings
are a structured meeting process that gives everyone in the room a voice and includes all perspectives in decisions by setting a set of rules for decision-making. The process is practical “both/and thinking” by integrating seemingly opposing views, dilemmas and paradoxes, challenging the individual to think in new ways. 

This short session will give you: 

  • Insight into practical paradoxical and dilemma decision-making in meetings
  • Insight into how to start making “both/and” decisions in your own organisation 

When using the learnings, you will be able to:

  • Start having structured meetings in a new way
  • Start having inclusive decision-making in meetings

Any questions?