Get exclusive insights into the change communication challenges of 2024 and learn how to handle them using three concrete tools.

War, climate change and a US election will affect communities and value chains on a global scale. 2024 is shaping up to become wilder than ever, making change management one of the most treasured skills for people and organisations who want to enter 2025 with their feet on the ground.

At Implement, we have conducted a fresh Change Communication X-ray, and while the results of the survey might not enable us to stop wars, climate change and value chain disruptions, we do believe that the insights can help us all handle and minimise the negative consequences of some of these macrotrends.

At our morning session in February, we will unveil the outlook for change communication in 2024 and, of course, share our preferred tools for handling the challenges ahead.

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There are approximately 90 parking spaces available on location.

But the venue is located right next to Østerport Station, so we suggest using public transport.

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