NB: The application is closed

“You’ll get to solve complex problems, work in a fast-paced environment and deliver value to leading companies while building an exceptional toolbox.”​

When told what it’s like to work as a management consultant, many of us have probably heard something like this. But let’s get real – what really lies behind these clichés and platitudes? What kind of projects do we really do? And what do our calendars really look like on a weekly basis?​

Join us for an exclusive evening with our commercial transformation team on the 23 November 2023. We’re peeling back the curtain to give you an unfiltered glimpse into life as a junior consultant and as a newly graduated management consultant at Implement Consulting Group. Say goodbye to buzzwords and hello to reality.

We’ll even open our calendars to show you what a typical week looks like (and whether those infamous 70+ hour workweeks are a myth 😉).​

Who are you?

  • You are an ambitious and friendly student currently enrolled in a bachelor’s or master’s programme
  • You are curious to learn more about commercial consulting and what it’s really like to work at Implement​
  • Your field of study is less important – as long as you are passionate, eager to learn and interested in a career in commercial management consulting

What is commercial transformation?

In the commercial transformation team, we help businesses achieve commercial success in the marketplace. We work with sales and marketing organisations to develop effective strategies and practices that help them to increase revenue and profitability. ​

We primarily work with seven key topics:​

  • Commercial infrastructure​
  • Commercial technology​
  • Monetisation strategy and pricing​
  • Digital customer engagement​
  • Commercial transformation capabilities​
  • Commercialising sustainability​
  • Pharma commercial innovation

Agenda for the evening

  • Welcome and introduction to Implement and our commercial transformation team​
  • Insight into what kind of projects we work on, including three real client projects and what we did​
  • What our week looks like – insight into a typical week for a junior consultant and a newly graduated management consultant​
  • Myth busting – do your beliefs about consulting actually hold true?​
  • Q&A​
  • Dinner, drinks and mingling

Any questions?