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Unlocking the power of monetisation

– Strategies for success

Date (CEST)

26 April

Discover how rethinking the monetisation approach helps your company grow faster

Many industries are undergoing a transformation of the established revenue model. In the “old world”, there used to be either software or hardware companies, but these lines are becoming more and more blurred.

Even the most traditional hardware-only companies have transformed their offerings, becoming broader, consisting of not only hardware but also software, apps, cloud offerings, physical services and much more, whereas monetisation in the “old world” was relatively straightforward – selling a physical product by the piece. New revenue streams, such as apps and services, demand a much more sophisticated and holistic monetisation approach and price model design.

Companies must answer various difficult questions:
  • Which revenue streams provide what value?
  • Which revenue streams act as an enabler of sales or creating customer stickiness?
  • What is the best way to monetise each individual revenue stream?
  • How should the revenue and monetisation model evolve over time as offerings and monetisation opportunities change?
  • What capabilities are needed in a company to successfully unlock the power of monetisation?
Join us to learn more about a systematic approach to:
  • Defining the strategic role of revenue streams in your offering strategy
  • Understanding the value creation flow of your offerings
  • Converting value streams into revenue streams
  • Learning about techniques to find the right price
  • Installing an approach to constantly revisit the monetisation approach

And lastly, learn more about how this systematic approach has helped our clients successfully achieve their monetisation goals.

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The event is hosted online.

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When (CEST)
26 April 2023
9:00 AM - 9:35 AM